14 Valentine’s Day Apps To Roll Out the Romance

smartphone apps for a lovely Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you might be racking your brain right now, looking for romantic gestures that are fun, new, and expressive. Well, how about using modern tools for your modern love?

We bring you 14 of the best Valentine’s Day smartphone apps currently out there to help you express your love and affection throughout the Love Month, on February 14th and beyond!

1. I Love You

Named after the three famous words that have melted hearts for centuries now, this app provides you with a wide selection of love cards. It’s free, but it is available only for iPhones at the moment. What it does is help you produce romantic cards that are not only emotive and beautiful but also super easy to make. Select from pre-made templates or customize your card using the tools provided. Once done, share your card via social media or email. You can even print it! (Download here)

Image source: iTunes

2. Valentine’s Day Special

Don’t worry Android phone users. We have an app for you, too. Valentine’s Day Special enables you to send love cards. It also goes beyond by being a one-stop shop for the Love Month. Use this application to send love messages, romantic poetry, heartfelt quotes, and more. It even has sections for horoscopes, ringtones, romantic songs, gift ideas, and so much more.

Want to play a cute game? Try out this app’s Love Meter. Single this upcoming V-day? This app helpfully provides tips if you wish to remedy that. Don’t know which outfit to choose for a date?

Valentine’s Day Special has suggestions for that, too! (Check it out here)

Image source: Google Play

3. Love Messages

Always getting tongue-tied around your crush or your love? No worries, the Love Messages app can help you!

Image source: Google Play

It’s available for Android, and it will provide you with a sizable library of nothing but sweet love messages. Read those messages and be inspired to put into your own words all of your emotions. Or, you can simply copy any message, then put it on a card attached to a romantic gift. No matter how you use these messages, the app will be there to help you express what’s in your heart. (Get the app here)

4. Bearentines Day

Know exactly what to say to your partner but want to spice things up? Check out Bearentines Day. You can use it to add cute, romantic, or funny emojis to all of your messages. It also provides a variety of sticker choices, including those featuring adorable cartoon bears. Whether you wish to add a heart, a flower, or a gift emoji to your messages, this app lets you do so in a charming and endearing way. It is only available for iPhone users right now and costs $1.99. (Download here)

Image source: iTunes

5. Valentine Expressions

If you want access to more tools that will help you create a Valentine’s Day card, this app is a great addition to your arsenal. Be creative and choose from beautiful backgrounds and adorable stickers (hearts, flowers, gifts, etc.). You can even select from a bunch of love quotes to make your V-day card extra special. Once you are happy with what you’ve created, you can quickly send it via Facebook or Twitter. This app won’t cost you a penny and is available in iTunes. (Try it here)

Image source: iTunes

6. Rebtel ReBeat

Looking for something unique and interesting? How about digitally recording your heartbeat and sending that to someone you love? At the intersection of metaphor and literal, this is a bold way to tell someone, “My heart beats for you.” And, Uunlike some relationships, using this app is not complicated at all.

Simply put the tip of your index finger flush on your phone’s camera. Alternatively, you can tap your screen. Your pulse will then be recorded, creating the heartbeat message. You can then send that message to your loved one. The app is free and is available on Google Play. (Check it out here)

Image source: Soft 112

7. Daily Love Quotes

Want more quotes to give to your loved ones or to use on your Valentine’s Day cards and posts? This app provides you with options on the daily. It is free and downloadable from iTunes. It will provide you with emotive quotes and even beautiful background photos for expressing your romantic side. Ads will appear from time to time, but you can get rid of those by paying a dollar. (Give it a whirl here)

Image source: iTunes

8. Tom’s Love Letters

Heads up, Android phone users looking for romantic inspiration. Tom’s Love Letters will enable you to send beautiful looking postcards to your special someone. These cards are made more interesting because of the featured kitty couple – Tom and his girlfriend, Angela. Send the digital love cards via Facebook or email. You also have the choice to save them and print them later.

Image source: Google Play

The love letters from this app also feature lovely music and cute effects (hugs, kisses, and more). If your loved one is a huge fan of cats, they will surely be smitten by Tom’s Love Letters! (Get it here)

9. Touchnote Postcards

While we are on the subject of postcards, how about sending a physical one via the mail? Earn more hugs and kisses by using Touchnote Postcards to customize your own picture into a lovely card and send that straight to your romantic partner’s door! This is available for Android users. The app is free and so are the templates and graphics that you can use. Shipping costs for the physical cards may apply. (Take it for a spin here)

Image source: Google Play

10. Valentine’s Day Ringtone

For those of you who gravitate towards music when it comes to expressing your love, this Android app is right up your alley. Make your loved ones feel valued by sending them the perfect ringtone for Valentine’s Day. This ringtone downloader will put a wide variety of romantic melodies at your fingertips, enabling you to tug heartstrings with your tones of affection. (Try it here)

Image source: Google Play

11. St. Valentine’s Love Horoscope

iPhone users who enjoy checking out their love horoscopes will enjoy this app. It has love compatibility checking features and, of course, a Horoscope feature. (Download it here)

Image source: iTunes

12. Love Test Astro Horoscope

If you’re an Android user who enjoys horoscopes, too, you won’t be missing out. The Love Test Astro Horoscope will not let you down. This is a free app with the occasional advertisement. It does what it promises to do – provide horoscopes and a love compatibility test. Find out if a potential partner’s Zodiac sign will lead to sparks flying in the romance department. Have loads of fun! (Get it here)

Image source: Google Play

13. 1800Flowers

Want to send a bouquet of flowers to your special someone this February 14th despite your busy schedule? Order via the 1800Flowers.com app and convey your romantic sentiments through beautiful blooms. Whether your partner prefers roses, sunflowers, orchids, carnations, or lilies, you can order a bouquet right there on the app. You can even track the delivery of those flowers, ensuring the recipient gets your lovely token of affection. (Check it out here)

Image source: iTunes

14. Meetup.com


Single on Valentine’s Day or looking to skip the hype? Focus on you, your interests, or the shared interests of you and your partner. Get out there and meet new people — potential friends or potentially more — on Meetup.com. You’ll find lots of Singles Mixers near you for February 14th as well as non-romantic get togethers around photography, cooking, language learning, mindfulness, self-improvement, or anything else you enjoy.

There you have it, folks. 14 apps to spice up your February 14th and even the whole Love Month. Use any of these apps now and have a romantic and enjoyable Valentine’s Day!