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How to Hide Your TV Wires: Tips & Tricks

Creative Ways to Hide Your TV Wires

Until appliances become fully wireless, we have to live with wires dangling or snaking from our flatscreen TVs. Thankfully, there are many creative ways to hide TV wires. They range from simple and clever tricks to some that are more permanent and require drilling holes or hiring a professional.

Hide Your Wires Behind Furniture

hide TV wires
(Image Source: Daily Home Safety)

Perhaps the easiest solution to hiding TV wires in your home is to place them behind furniture. This method is easy on the pockets, too. Depending on the way that you want to hide the wires, you might not have to spend a single cent.

To keep your wires organized, you can stick several hooks to the back of your furniture using command strips. Then hang your wires on these hooks to keep them off the floor. Another way to go about this is to hang a wire mesh behind your furniture. You can then hook or attach your wires to this mesh using cable ties or more hooks.

If the furniture below your TV isn’t the bulky type that can accommodate a wire mesh, use the legs to hide the wires. For example, if you have a console table, you can line wires along one leg, so they’re not visible from the couch.

Use Decor to Hide Your TV Wires

(Image Source: Me & Mr. Jones)

Another affordable way to hide your TV wires is to position them behind decorations. For example, let’s say you have your flatscreen hanging above a table or some drawers. The TV wires are likely hanging from the TV, right above the table. All you have to do is place some books, a marble bust, or some other piece of decor to hide the wires. This way, you get to display some family mementos while camouflaging unsightly wires.

Install a Raceway

Install a Raceway how to hide tv wires
(Image Source: Yecaye)

Cable raceways are products specifically designed to conceal cables. They are typically made of PVC material that you can paint to match your wall. Installing them is easy, too. Some kits come with screws, but you can also tape them to your wall. The latter is a good option for renters who can’t make drastic modifications.

Hide Your TV Wires Behind a Panel 

how to hide tv wires
(Image Source: The Front Poarch)

If you’re feeling crafty, you can put up a panel to hide the wires hanging from your TV. Panel boards come in many sizes and designs. You can pick one up with a flashy pattern, but you can also choose something simple. Can’t find a pattern that you like? No problem! Cover the panel or board with fabric, and you’re good to go. You can also paint it to match your wall.

Of course, if you’re not up to spending some money on a panel and some fabric, you can reuse some wood pallets from your last carpentry project. You simply construct a frame and nail the pallet boards to it. Place it against the wall behind your TV and use it to hide the wires. Easy-peasy! You can paint the pallet board or leave it natural. This pallet idea will go well in a farmhouse- or rustic-style home.

Hide Your TV Wires in Plain Sight 

hide in sight
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This idea is perfect for the artsy person. Take your TV wires and make art with them! The idea pictured above showcases a pair of cute trees, but this can also work with other designs, too. Other great ideas are geometric patterns or a city skyline. One design that will no doubt appeal to techy homeowners is to form computer chip patterns using the TV wires.

Cut Through the Wall 

Cut Through the Wall

If you really want to know how to hide TV wires, this method is permanent and will require some basic to intermediate construction know-how. We do not recommend this for renters. If you own your home, however, this solution should be right up your alley.

There are TV wall kits available in your local hardware store that will allow you to make holes in your wall for wire management. Before you begin making holes, however, make sure that you consult an electrician or contractor. You will want your modification to be up to code to prevent insurance issues later.

Any of the methods above will work well on managing wire clutter in your home. Of course, it also helps to have a TV mount that comes with a built-in wire management system. If you want to know which TV mount is right for you, take our short quiz here.