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Kenneth S.

Los Angeles, CA

Hi there my name is Kenneth. I am prior service guy. I was a Human Resource solider for the Army. I have a lot experience with setting up networking systems for your home internet and setting home entertainment systems. I'm also a graduate of an audio engineering school and i have an enormous passion for producing music. Very friendly guy here and I'm here to help!!! :)

Eric R.

Alhambra, CA

As a child, I have always had a knack for technology. It is fun to play with and there is something satisfying about solving elaborate issues whenever they come up. I always knew I wanted to work with technology but I was not sure where to start or how it would fit around my busy school schedule. Then I found HelloTech. I have been a technician for HelloTech for two years now and, I have to say, there is no other company I would rather work for and no easier way to get service. I look forward to solving any issues you may be facing so that we can both experience that problem-solved satisfaction!

Mitch H.

Towson, MD

As a lifelong techy, I have worked on all types of computers and home entertainment technology. With 20+ years experience in everything from running wires and systems design to the software and control setup of more complex setups I can get your job done. Complex digital photography setup? VR system ready for Oculus Rift? New iPhone/iPad? Ditching Mac for the Surface Pro? Need a tv mounted? I can help.

Rajdi S.

Cleveland, OH

I work part-time as a server at a restaurant. I'm planning to go back to school next year so I've been working with HelloTech to help save up. My schedule lets me take a few jobs per week, sometimes more. It's been an awesome way to make great money. It sure beats $12 an hour! Through my jobs at HelloTech, I found that I love technology so much that I want to make it my career so I'll be getting my degree in Information Technology.

Karen F.

Austin, TX

I have always been drawn to technology, which lead me to pursue a degree in Digital Photography. With the release of the smart phone and it's amazing camera capabilities, people around the world are now able to have the tools to create amazing imagery of their own. HelloTech has allowed me to combine my passion of digital photography and mobile tech in order to make some extra money doing what I love. I've been a phone specialist with HelloTech for a year now, and have really enjoyed helping others get the most out of their tech gadgets.

Larry W.

Newark, NJ

I'm the guy that has every new device out there. I love tinkering with stuff and even though I have a regular full time job, I like having the option of making extra money on the side basically doing my hobby. I find that the best part is the gratitude that customers show when you fix something or show them a little thing they never knew. Now, that's a great feeling!

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