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Apple Announces New Mac Pro Will be Fully Customizable

Mac Pro Features
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Apple has released a powerful, new Mac Pro that will undoubtedly make all Mac users excited. This time, Apple is going back to its roots with its first new Mac Pro in years. As computers get better and better, people are drifting to more upgradeable and modular styles. Certain users want to be able to add more RAM or extra hard drives for their needs. Other users don’t want to buy a new computer every year and opt to upgrade their existing systems over time. That’s one reason why Apple decided to release its first customizable desktop computer in years.

Trash Can Problem

You may not be aware of this, but Apple actually released a Mac Pro in 2013. It specifically catered to people who work in video and game editing. The previous Mac Pro let users create breathtaking videos faster with its powerful processors and higher storage capacity.

While it was small and aesthetically pleasing, many users were upset with the design because there was no room to customize it. Folks complained about the lack of available ports as well. Because of this, many users began referring to it as the “trash can” Mac Pro.

Since then, Apple has apologized and vowed to make their next Mac Pro different. Although it’s still in the works at the moment, the proposed features are very promising. So, what exactly will the new Mac Pro offer? 

Mac Pro
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Apple’s New Mac Pro Specs


The new Mac Pro has been redesigned to push the barriers of what the previous model did. The new release has a workstation-class Xeon processor that can have between 8 and 28 cores.
In the old days, a CPU used to have one core that could work on one task at a time. Now, most computers come with at least 4 cores. Basically, the more cores your CPU has, the faster it will be.

So, if you fully upgrade the new Mac Pro, your CPU could do 28 tasks simultaneously. By comparison, the previous Mac Pro came with a maximum of 12 cores.

Inside Mac Pro ram
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The new Mac Pro will also come with 12 user-accessible DIMM memory slots that can be filled with between 32GB to 1.5TB (terabytes) of RAM (Random Access Memory). The more memory your computer has, the quicker it will be able to load data from your hard drive.

By comparison, the previous Mac Pro cam with 4 slots that could handle up to 32GB of RAM, while most laptops and computers have between 4GB to 16GB of RAM these days.

Computer Troubleshooting

Graphics Card

The New Mac Pro comes with a powerful graphics card, but it can be customized with two Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs, which Apple calls “the world’s most powerful graphics card.” Apple states that the graphics cards can be combined for people who animate 3D films or 8K footage. If you are not a video or game editor, this might be overkill, but it will make any games you play look a lot better.

PCIe Slots

The new Mac Pro comes with a whopping 8 PCIe expansion slots, which can be used however you want. These slots give your computer additional capabilities, such as the ability to add extra graphics cards, Wi-Fi cards, RAID controllers, and much more. Even if you don’t know what extras you would add yet, it’s good that Apple is giving its users so many options to customize and upgrade their machines.

Inside Mac Pro
(Image Source: Apple)

Other Features


The new Mac Pro has an incredible thermal architecture for an uninterrupted processor run when using it. That means your computer won’t get as hot when you are using it.


Apple also released a display that will go hand in hand with the Mac Pro. If you thought the company had the best Retina displays in the market already, wait until you hear what they have cooked up this time.

The Pro Display XDR is the best of its kind today. Enjoy a 32-inch Retina 6k display. It also has a P3 wide- and 10-bit color; 1,600 nits of brightness at its peak; and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio!

Mac monitor
(Image Source: Apple)


Not only is the Mac Pro powerful, it also has a beautiful design. With its clean finish, you will have a powerful processor and an aesthetic appeal of your workstation.

Other features include smooth handles that will allow users to keep the Mac Pro mobile. With these handles, it is easier to move the device around the office or the studio. The housing of the Mac Pro is made from aluminum as well. It can be lifted to get full access to the internals.


You can get the Mac Pro at $5,000. The Pro Display XDR, on the other hand, starts at $4,999. You also need to purchase the Pro Stand for the Display which costs $999. If you want the VESA Mount Adapter, you can get this for $199.

If you would like to configure your new Mac, you can visit their official site. You can also find additional accessories there.

Release Date

Apple has not confirmed any dates for the release of their new Mac Pro, but they say it will be available sometime in the fall of 2019. If you just can’t wait for your new Mac, you can already try out their new OS now. Click here to find out how to download macOS Catalina beta, and why you should. 

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