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My Download Keeps Failing

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We’ve all been there: you’re almost finished downloading a 4GB movie when suddenly it stops at 99 percent. You try resuming the download, but the progress has reset. Now you’re back to zero and must repeat downloading the file all over again. This is a very frustrating time. Instead of retrying and hope it doesn’t stop prematurely again, do these easy remedies to prevent further interruptions.

The first thing you should do is check your Internet connection. Your service provider may be performing its maintenance routine and causing high latency issues. Make sure that your computer is not in some sort of power-saving mode that automatically turns off your network adapter and disconnects you from the Internet. Clearing your browser cache and other temporary files may also help stop premature download terminations. So you shouldn’t be downloading too many files at the same time.

Next time you download something, use a download manager. It’s a software application that specializes in transferring data from online servers to your computer. A particularly useful feature found in popular download managers is known as download acceleration, which splits the file into sections and begins downloading them simultaneously. This optimizes your download speed and reduces the overall time. Another useful feature is the ability to resume broken downloads, saving you from having to repeat from the beginning. Some managers also lets you preview audio and video files, so you can check if you’re currently downloading the correct file instead of finding out later.

Download errors may stem from server-related issues. Perhaps the file server is receiving an overwhelming number of requests from several users, slowing down downloading speeds and sometimes even bringing downloads to a halt. When this happens, try downloading your large files at a later time, preferably during off-peak hours. If the file is available in another server or mirror, try downloading from those alternative sources instead.

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