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Highlights of the Microsoft Surface Event 2018

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface event, held in early October in New York, was one of the most anticipated tech events of the year. This was certainly true for the Microsoft fans who attended the event as well as those who followed the teases leading up to the big day. The press event did not disappoint, as they introduced a slew of new devices from the Microsoft brand. If you missed the press event, here is a recap of all the big announcements that were made.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 6

Image Source: Microsoft

One of the biggest announcements at the Microsoft Surface event was the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2.

This new laptop boasts a significant improvement in processing speed. The brand new Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is designed to deliver 67% more power. Microsoft aims to take it to the edge as far as improving the features of this new laptop. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 comes with an 8th-gen Intel processor and 1G SSD. The battery life of this laptop can last for up to 17.3 hours. Despite its power, it is also relatively lightweight at 1.7 pounds.

It’s only been a little over a year since the release of its predecessor, but the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 has made incredible improvements. According to the press event demo, it will be 85% faster. This gives it nearly double the processing speed and power of the previous release. It was already released on October 16th, together with the Pro 6. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is also a breakthrough as the first laptop from Microsoft in black.

The Surface Pro 6 will be sold for $899, while the Surface Laptop 2 is priced at $999.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Aside from the two major announcements above, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 was also unveiled at the press event. This is Microsoft’s creative-focused device that was initially released in December 2016.

Since then, there have not been any updates or upgrades to the device until the Microsoft Surface event this month. The new Surface Studio 2 comes with a 28-inch display that boasts up to 50% improvement on graphic performance.

When it comes to the look and feel of the Surface Studio 2, there are no major changes from its predecessor. It will feature a hinge that allows you to switch from a flat-lay to an upright configuration.

One of the built-in features in the Surface Studio 2 is Xbox Wireless. The device is also compatible with Surface Dial.

One area wherein the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 has made great improvements is the screen brightness. It offers 38% more brightness and 22% more contrast. This will serve as your all-in-one professional workstation.

Preorder for the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 started the day of the Microsoft Surface event. It is expected to cost $3,499. The initial set of orders shipped on October 16th.

Surface Headphones

Image Source: Microsoft

The all-new Surface headphones that were unveiled at the Microsoft Surface event was one of the new additions to the lineup. This over-the-ear wireless and Bluetooth headphone comes with built-in Cortana. The dial to adjust the volume and noise-cancellation capacity is built into the headphone cups.

One of the most interesting features about the Surface headphones is automatic pause and play.

When you take the headphones off of your ears, it causes the audio to automatically pause. You will also love the lightweight quality of these headphones. They measure only 0.64 pounds in weight. The battery life is also impressive with almost the same battery life as most laptops today–15 hours! The light gray color of the headphones gives them a modern and industrial look. You will be charging these headphones using USB-C and it will only take a couple of hours.

Immediately following the Microsoft Surface event, the headphones were made available for pre-order. They sell for $349.

Surface All Access

There will be an All Access program available to the devices in the Microsoft Surface lineup. This is comparable to Xbox, which is also a product of Microsoft. In the All Access program, you will be able to bundle your Surface devices along with Office 365 and other accessories. To enjoy the All Access program, you need to pay $24.99 a month for 2 years.

The actual price might vary depending on the devices you choose to buy. But the All Access program is designed to make it easier for Window users to pay for  their desired programs and devices in installments. As of now, the Surface All Access is only available to users in the US. There are no further details regarding whether it will become available elsewhere and, if so, when.

App Mirroring

App Mirroring was one of the most exciting announcements at the Microsoft Surface Event 2018. Since Windows had already abandoned its phone efforts, they have devised ways to bridge the gap between PC and mobile users. They are making it possible with the app mirroring feature. This particular feature for Windows enables users to cast their Android screen onto any Windows 10 device.

You can access this feature via the Your Phone app. From there, you can choose an app from your smartphone to be shown on a Windows 10 desktop. You can even use it to drag and drop files onto your PC device. According to Microsoft, the App Mirroring feature is available for Android and iOS. The October update on Windows 10 will also automatically include this feature.

Speaking of the Windows 10 October 2018 update, the company has not provided details about the exact date of the update release. The company is still hard at work in preparing the update. They have reportedly finished testing; so, if there are no last minute bugs, it should be right on schedule.

Final Words

Microsoft has always been known for innovation. The company has made bold moves over the years by introducing several new devices that break barriers. Their New York City media event, also known as the Microsoft Surface event, is no exception. They unveiled several new devices that aim to establish a new standard in personal productivity with their Surface products.

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