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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions With These iPhone and Android Apps

new year's resolutions apps
new year's resolutions apps

Keeping your New Year’s resolutions often feels like an uphill climb. Make it a tad easier with the help of these clever mobile apps. These iOS and Android apps will keep your head in the game so you can be on track to attain personal goals by year’s end.

For the Health-Conscious

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is losing weight or getting fit. For this goal, we recommend Nike Training Club (iOS, Android). It offers more than 160 free workouts you can try at home. It factors in the intensity, frequency, and equipment needed for your workouts before creating a schedule for you.
If you want to track specific fitness goals, 8fit (iOS, Android) may be the app for you. Not only does it feature workout videos for the likes of Tabata and yoga, but it also monitors what you eat. It even lends you a hand in building a customized meal plan, complete with recipes! Whether you wish to “gain muscle mass” or “lose fat”, 8fit has you covered.

For the Scatterbrain

A great way to manage tasks is to write things down. When it’s your life that seems to be out of sorts, you may need a to-do list app to get things back in order. That’s where Todoist (iOS, Android) comes in. By listing down everything you need to do, the app helps organize your life. The best part? Todoist integrates with Amazon Echo so you can have Alexa make to-do notes at your command.

For the Procrastinator

Putting off your goals is easy when you can’t keep yourself in check. Going through routines will help, but accomplishing personal goals really start with forming good habits and breaking bad ones. To aid you with these, try the Way of Life (iOS, Android) app. This routine-tracking app lets you set reminders to hold yourself accountable for those New Year’s resolutions. It also has a journal area where you can note why you didn’t follow through on your goals.
Another wonderful app you can try is aptly named Done (iOS). It helps you set objectives and get reminders for them. More importantly, it charts your progress to see your performance within a specified time frame. It’s simple and it works.

For the Shopaholic

When budgeting scares you, it might be time to reassess before your finances get thrown out of whack. The Mint (iOS, Android) app can help. Just put in some basic, secure bank info, decide how much you wish to spend on what, and the app monitors your spending from there.
Once you get the hang of managing your finances, take it up a notch by getting your hands on investments. Try Acorns (iOS, Android), an app that calculates your income and spending, then sends whatever spare amount you have into stocks and bonds. You can earn a passive income without breaking a sweat!

For the Uninspired

Having difficulty coping with monotony? Try something new like brushing up on or learning a new language. Get Duolingo (iOS, Android), which gives you free bite-sized language lessons to learn a new language at your preferred pace. It lets you practice with friends so you can perfect any of the 20 languages offered on the app faster.
Perhaps you need help with sleeping, dealing with anxiety, or simply feel depressed. Whichever one rings true, you’ll find it helpful to stay still and meditate. To help you with these life-changing habit, download Headspace (iOS, Android). Start with the app’s 10 free lessons to experience the benefits of meditation. With Headspace, it’s almost like having a meditation coach in your pocket.
Following through on your long list of New Year’s resolutions is tough. These mobile apps can lend a hand in staying on track all year long no matter what distractions are thrown at you.

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