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How Do I Remove a Virus From My iPhone?


It’s historically known the iOS platform is typically more secure than Android. A 2015 report on mobile threats revealed that 97% of all malware targeted Android gadgets. That leaves a very small percentage for virus attacks targeting iPhones. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a virus on your iPhone. Here’s how to remove a virus from your iPhone.

Viruses on iPhones are rare but iOS is still vulnerable. If your phone seems to be acting weird, identify the culprit before concluding the glitch was caused by a virus. The glitch could have been caused by something like an errant ad in an application, which could push you to a page that claims a fix but is actually a bait and switch like the viruses you see on larger devices and computers.

iPhone Virus Attack Quick Check

A virus is technically a piece of code attached to another program. This can be spread through social engineering or by interfering with messaging programs.

Ask these questions to determine if your iPhone is affected by a virus:

  • Was your smartphone jailbroken?
  • If your iPhone has been jailbroken, have you downloaded applications from unofficial sources of dubious authenticity?
  • Does the technical glitch appear only when you open certain programs?

If your answer yes to the first two questions, your smartphone is probably harboring malware. If you said no to the first two but agreed with the third question, then the glitch is most probably just triggered by a misbehaving app, which may or may not be harboring a virus. However, if you keep getting redirected to some page in Safari or that the App Store keeps opening without your approval, it may be a virus.

But what if your iPhone is still misbehaving no matter the app used? It’s not because of a virus – it’s more likely an iOS modification, a hardware issue, or a user-initiated setting change.


Solutions for an iPhone Virus Attack

 What do you do if your iPhone has a virus?

Clear your phone’s history and website data

Simply head to Settings and activate Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or whatever browser you use. Tap on Clear History and Website Data and press Clear History and Data.

Restore your Apple smartphone

You can restore your mobile device from the most recent backup or restore your phone as a new device. To do the latter, go to Settings, tap General, then press Reset, Erase All Contents and Settings, type in your passcode, and then confirm. After that, set up your iPhone as a new device. You may need to reinstall your apps. Add the programs one at a time to help determine if there was a problem app.

Restart your iPhone

Press on the power button for 4-5 seconds or until the power off slider flashes on the screen. Swipe the slider to power off position. After about 10 seconds, restart your phone by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds (up to 10) until the Apple logo emerges on the screen.

iPhone Malfunction Tips

It’s best to avoid creating situations ripe for virus or malicious software attacks. The following hints should help you do that.

Update iPhone software consistently

One factor in the frequency of malware attacks on Android is irregular and very delayed software updates by users. Nearly half of Android users are not prompt at installing updates when available.

This is not the case with iOS devices – about 80% of the Apple gadgets have been updated to the latest software version within months of its availability.

Avoid jailbreaking

Jailbroken devices can be installed with apps from dubious sources. Resist the tempting, yet harmful, possibilities that jailbreaking presents by preserving the integrity of your iPhone hardware.

If you’re not sure where the link comes from, do not open them. You might unwittingly welcome malware to your device if you fall for this social engineering trap.

As a precautionary measure, regularly back up your iPhone so that you can confidently make a reboot without worrying about losing essential apps and data.

HelloTech iPhone Support

If you need help removing a virus from your iPhone, contact the experts at HelloTech. We will identify the issue, troubleshoot, ensure proper functionality, and demonstrate the resolution. Contact HelloTech for mobile device support with a complete satisfaction service guarantee.

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