Samsung to Release Three Models for Galaxy S10

Samsung Smartphone

5G connectivity, 6 Cameras, and 12 GB RAM could be Samsung’s next big thing!

Although Samsung has not given an official statement regarding its release, rumors have been going around about the Galaxy S10’s jam-packed features. This would make sense since the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series is coming up, and surely the top 1 smartphone vendor of 2018 isn’t looking to disappoint its customers.

According to a report, certification documents issued by the Chinese CMIIT government body have hinted that the Galaxy S10 may hit the market in three variants:

  • The budget version, which will most likely carry the moniker “Lite”, will have a 5.8-inch display. It will also have one camera on the rear side. There will be a fingerprint sensor mounted on the side as well.
  • The standard model will have a 5.8-inch display, dual rear cameras, and in-display fingerprint sensor.
  • The flagship model, which will most likely carry the codename “Plus”, will have a 6.7-inch display, quadruple rear camera set-up, and 5G support.

Features to Expect

Image Source: BGR

A report from GF Securities has leaked that the Galaxy S10, codenamed “Beyond”, is packed with an astounding 12GB of RAM, paired with 1TB of internal storage. One can only imagine the processing power on this one since it gives more than most laptops have managed to offer.

This jump up in RAM is most likely due to the huge amounts of data that 5G connectivity will enable the handset to receive. To top it off, the 12GB RAM is a smart way to future-proof the device. It would pave the way to support high-intensity virtual and augmented reality applications using the handset.

The Galaxy S10 will also feature an all-screen design, with the OLED screen curved on both sides, and round-shaped corners. Samsung has managed to remove the bezel at the top and bottom of the phone.

Infinity-O Notch

For this design, it is rumored that the S10 will probably feature the Infinity-O display, which has a small, punched hole at the top of the screen to make room for the front-facing camera. The Infinity-O notch was announced during the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2018) last November, along with the Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and New Infinity.

Six Cameras

The phone will also be sporting six cameras according to a report. Four cameras will be placed on the back and two will be in front. This means more depth information in photos, allowing high quality “portrait mode” images and the use of AR apps.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

Following the trend of high-end phones, Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor will be in-screen and will reportedly be ultrasonic. It will use high-frequency acoustic waves to capture the ridges and valleys of the user’s fingerprint to unlock the phone.

One UI Interface

Image Source: Business Insider

Samsung has also announced that it will be using the new One UI interface in all its future phones, and the Galaxy S10 will not be an exception. This will be compatible with Android Pie, which is the 9th version of Android, but it will not work with earlier Android versions. The One UI interface was unveiled during the SDC 2018. With it, Samsung aims to declutter the screen and simplify user actions, allowing one-handed user operation, for example.

The phone is rumored to be announced during the annual Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, which will most likely happen around the end of February or the start of March 2019. This would follow tradition since the Korean tech giant has used the MWC in the past to unveil its latest Galaxy S handsets, starting with the S5.