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6 Budget-Friendly Surround Sound Systems for Your Home Theater

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Watching your favorite shows and movies sure would be nice with an awesome surround sound system, right? Imagine yourself just kicking back, and getting lost in high-quality audio all around you. You’d probably never want to leave your living room again! “But those speakers would probably cost an arm and a leg!”, you think to yourself. Actually, no. Quality need not equal super expensive in this case. 2016 has seen the release of a wide range of surround sound systems that will not blow your budget and will still deliver the amazing listening experience you crave. With that said, here’s a list of some of the best budget surround sound systems on the market:

Panasonic Home Theater System ($174)

Budget Surround Sound Systems
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The Panasonic Home Theater System promises a great cinematic experience. It comes with 5.1 channel surround sound, augmented by the bass reflex subwoofer. Connecting it to your TV is no trouble and only requires one HDMI cable.

The best part is it will automatically convert movie files to 1080p so you get to enjoy full HD every time! Any stored media can be accessed through USB/HDD playback. The size of your room will not matter since the speakers can be configured to suit any layout.

Sony 5.1 Channel Home Theater System

Sony 5.1 Channel Home Theater System
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The Sony BDVE3100 5.1 Channel Home Theater System is another great product at an affordable range. It has a 7.1-inch subwoofer and a full-range bass reflex speaker system, with built-in Wi-Fi. This means non-stop enjoyment of your favorite shows from Netflix, Pandora, HuluPlus, and other streaming sites. It upscales files to full HD 1080p quality as well, so that you will enjoy both top-notch video and audio.

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Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System ($305)

Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System
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Enjoy four 2-way Energy satellite speakers and one Energy center channel with this surround sound system. A 200-watt Energy subwoofer is also included, which comes with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround guaranteeing harmonious and evenly distributed frequencies, plus clearer and higher-quality sounds. The subwoofer is also equipped with an 8” driver and a firing port at the front. All of the speakers can be mounted on the wall, too, and will work well in small or large spaces.

Samsung 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System ($378)

Samsung 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System
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When it comes to value for money, the Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System is a great choice. For under four hundred dollars, it provides you with a 5.1 Channel 1000-Watt 3D Blu-Ray system, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for playing media from your smartphone or from online streaming sites.

It is composed of five speakers in total: two front speakers, two satellite speakers, and one center speaker. Additionally, it comes with one subwoofer and a 3D Smart Blu-Ray player. It is an excellent system for your home entertainment space and definitely provides enhanced audio.

Onkyo 5.1-Channel Home Theater System ($349)

Onkyo 5.1-Channel Home Theater System 
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Relish clear and rich audio quality with the Onkyo HT-S3700 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver/Speaker Package! The system has HDMI 2.0 support, EDR capability, advanced music optimizer for handling digitally compressed audio files, and six HDMI inputs. You will also enjoy a Zone 2 Line-Out feature for multi-room sound distribution.

This system is able to handle those DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD soundtracks on your Blu-Ray discs without trouble. So whether you are playing music, watching a movie, or playing a game, be prepared for top-notch audio quality throughout! The subwoofer sounds sublime and you are able to calibrate the front, center, and rear speakers anytime. Rest assured that every sound that comes out, whether high-pitch or low-bass, is clear.

Fluance High Definition 5.0 Channel Speaker System ($400)

Fluance High Definition 5
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Transform your home entertainment without worrying about sky-high prices. The Fluance SX-HTB comes with two-way, three-driver tower speakers and a full-size center speaker. A subwoofer isn’t included in the package, however, but this does not minimize the quality audio the Canadian brand is known to always deliver.

As you can see, you don’t have to overspend to enjoy movie theater-quality sounds. With any of these surround sound and home theater systems, you are bound to enjoy awesome audio quality no matter the size of your room, without running your budget to the ground. Don’t be surprised when all of your friends want to visit your house for movie night. They won’t be able to resist the splendid, crisp listening experience!

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