Top 6 Smart Home Products You Should Buy as a Present This Holiday

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The holidays are coming right around the corner and giving a loved one smart home products can greatly benefit their life. Whether it’s a smart lock to make keyless entry easy for them or an alarm system to protect them or a video monitoring system to keep them aware.  Once you’re done purchasing your present, you can buy a gift card so we’ll take care of the installation and setup!

Here’s a list of 6 snazzy smart home products you will want to check out this holiday season:

August Smart Lock ($250)

August Smart Lock is a beautiful looking smart home lock that syncs up with your August smartphone app. It’s enabled by bluetooth and can work with your existing deadbolt. This safe and simple smart lock retails for $250.


Ring Video Doorbell ($199)

Ring Video Doorbell is the best way for you to monitor your doorstep through your app when you aren’t home. This doorbell has 180 degree field vision with great motion detection and good audio quality. It’s also got option storage for recordings, humidity checker, and a temperature sensor. Ring retails for $199.

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Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock ($193)

The Kwikset Kevo smart home lock lets you unlock your deadbolt just by tapping your finger on it all thanks to their Bluetooth 4.0 technology picking up your smartphone’s signal. Even if you don’t have your phone on you, you can use a fob to tap on the smart lock. Plus, you can use the Kevo app to send “eKeys” to your friends and family to use when you aren’t around. The Kwikset Kevo retails for $193.13.

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Amazon Echo Wireless Speaker ($179.99)

Amazon Echo is a beautiful looking wireless speaker with a built in voice control system. Alexa, the voice behind the system also doubles up as a personal assistant limited capabilities for now. The Amazon Echo retails for $179.99.

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Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-wave Deadbolt Smart Lock ($200-$229)

The Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-wave Deadbolt is a smart home lock that has a sleek yet traditional cellphone like design and is easy to use. It can speak to you in 3 different languages and is integrated with a diverse range of home automation systems. This type of Yale Lock currently retails at $200 – $229.

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Sonos Play1 Wireless Speaker

The Sonos Play1 wireless speaker is well designed, well made, and features top notch streaming from Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, etc. Sound quality is superb considering the compact size of the speaker. You can control your Sonos Play1 speaker from your smartphone app (iOS and Android), Mac, and PC. The Sonos Play1 retails at $199.

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After you purchase, remember to come back and buy a HelloTech gift card, which comes with in-home installation plus unlimited remote support for an entire year.  We’ll install the product, teach them how to use it, plus we’re available in case they need remote help down the line.