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The Top 10: Let’s Find You the Perfect iPhone Case

iphone case

When you begin searching for the perfect iPhone case, we guarantee you’ll be shocked at the number of options you have to choose from. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. No need to wade through hundreds of iPhone cases because we’ve researched and tested the best ones to fit your phone.

Best Cases for iPhone 7/7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case ($99)

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If you don’t mind its humpback design and the lack of waterproofing like the device it complements, then the official iPhone 7 battery case is a wise choice. It offers a robust impact protection along with extended battery life. This means that your iPhone will be sufficiently protected as well as gain extra juice to make it last a day of heavy use.

What you’ll like most about the smart battery case (besides it soft, silicone exterior) is its intelligent power management feature and Lightning pass-through charging. The former ensures that your iPhone consumes the case’s power before depleting its own reserves. Meanwhile, the latter means that the device and iPhone case can be charged simultaneously via the iPhone’s lightning port so there will be no need for extra microUSB cable, unlike other battery cases.

Tech21 Evo Elite Case for iPhone 7  ($50)

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The Tech21 Evo Elite iPhone case has a comfortable yet sophisticated feel to it. It Offers a perfect fit and generous openings for uninterrupted access to all of iPhone 7’s features,  What makes it stand out, though, is its special shock-absorbing material (FlexShock™) that’s designed into its thin frame. Your iPhone 7 Plus can withstand a 2-meter drop with this case. The Evo Elite also has a clear back panel to show off your iPhone’s sexy jet black finish!

Moshi Armour iPhone 7 Case ($35)

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Are you looking for a case that secures your new iPhone 7 without giving up on its metallic look or feel? In that case, the Moshi Armour case is a sensible pickup. Not only does it provide ample scratch resistance and shock absorption, it also offers military-grade drop protection. Plus, the iPhone case comes with raised front bezels to keep your phone’s screen safe when you accidentally place it face-down on any surface.

Speck Products Presidio Grip Case ($39)

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With better shock protection and a superior slim design, the Presidio Grip case may just be all the protection your iPhone 7/7 Plus will ever need. For starters, it has been tested to withstand drops from up to 10 feet. This is made possible thanks to Speck’s dynamic shock-absorbing material, Impactium™. It also comes with a no-slip grip so you don’t even have to worry about drops in the first place. Oh, did we mention that the case comes with a thinner design than its predecessors?

Top Cases for iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S Plus

Trianium Atomic S iPhone Charging Case ($36)

Despite its middle-of-the-pack price, this battery case doesn’t just deliver an average performance. It has consistently outperformed other high-end battery cases in terms of the speed by which it recharges your iPhone 6/6S Plus. The Trianium Atomic S Battery Case comes with a hard, matte exterior so your iPhone is safe from everyday bumps and bruises. With its sync-through technology, you can also connect your phone to a computer without taking off the iPhone case.

Pong Sleek iPhone 6/6s Case


Highly acclaimed by critics, the Pong Sleek Case protects both your iPhone and you. Pong’s case is built with a micro-thin, gold-plated antenna that reduces mobile phone radiation. FCC-certified lab tests reveal that the Pong technology can reduce a user’s exposure to radiation by 89% below the SAR limit. In addition, the thin snap-on protective shell protects your Apple device from 4-feet drops while barely adding any bulk to your iPhone 6’s elegant waistline

Spigen Perfect Armor iPhone 6S Case ($24)

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It’s not every day you see a slim iPhone case offer protection from dust and moisture for your iPhone 6. The Spigen Perfect Armor Case has a built-in screen protector and logo protector (on the back). It also has port caps so your phone can enjoy all-around protection. You’ll also get a practical built-in kickstand so you can enjoy videos hands-free whenever you want.

Lifeproof FRE Waterproof Case

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The Lifeproof Frē waterproof case is not only waterproof, but also snowproof, drop-proof, and even dirtproof. This is your go-to case when you’re off to your next outdoor adventure. The Lifeproof Frē iPhone case is designed to protect your Apple device from most everyday hazards. And it’s a snap to install, too.

Otterbox Strada Series iPhone Case ($29)

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With the Otterbox’s Strada series case, you’re guaranteed ample drop protection for your iPhone 6. The iPhone case also comes with genuine leather cover and metallic highlight for a classy look. On the inside, there’s a single slot for an ID or business card. It also has a magnetic latch to keep the cover securely closed

These are 10 of the best protective cases for all size and versions of the iPhone 6 and 7.  These cases will not only secure your shiny, new smartphone, but give it better functionality. Beyond protecting your phone, they also allow you to explore other ways to enjoy an already impressive device.

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