The Best Smart Locks of 2021

The Best Smart Locks for 2020

With a smart lock, you won’t have to leave a key under the mat again. These smart home devices replace your traditional lock, and you can lock or unlock them from anywhere in the world with your smartphone. Some smart locks also let you share digital keys or automatically unlock your door when you approach your home. Here is our list of the best smart locks for every budget and any smart home ecosystem.

Wyze Lock: Best Budget Smart Lock

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  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant

At just over $100, the Wyze Lock is half the price of most smart locks, but it comes loaded with premium features like auto-unlock. If you enable this feature, it will automatically unlock your door as you approach it, and then lock the door behind you after you close it. This smart device even knows when your door is open, and it will send you a notification telling you to close it.

Unlike other smart locks, the Wyze Lock only replaces the indoor half of your existing deadbolt. That means it will work with your existing keys, making this one of the best choices for renters. Plus, this budget smart device comes with two-factor authentication, a security feature that blocks 99.9% of hackers, according to a study from Microsoft.


Level Bolt: Best Invisible Smart Lock 

level smart lock best
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  • Works With: Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Ring

If you don’t want to replace your existing deadbolt at all, the Level Bolt is the only smart lock that doesn’t change the style of your door at all. This invisible smart lock fits inside most standard American doors, and it works with your existing keys, so you don’t have to change a thing.

The app allows you to share digital keys with your friends, family members, dog walkers, and even large groups of people. You can also set how long each digital code will last. Plus, it comes with the auto-unlock feature, and it allows you to set up Siri automations, as long as you have an Apple HomeKit device.

Lockly Secure Plus: Best Smart Lock With a Fingerprint Sensor

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  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant (additional WiFi hub required)

The Lockly Secure Plus is one of the only smart locks that comes with a 3D fingerprint sensor, a touchscreen keypad, and a physical key lock all in one device. In order to keep your code a secret, this smart device will shift the numbers around on the touchpad, so it’s impossible for anyone to guess your lock code by looking at finger smudges.

This smart lock lets you store up to 99 fingerprints to give all your family members and other guests instant access to your home. Or, if you don’t want anyone to unlock your door, you can turn off the touchscreen entirely, so no one can even attempt to get in without a physical key.

However, this smart device doesn’t support any smart home systems unless you also buy the WiFi hub. This will allow you to ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to unlock your door.


Schlage Encode: Best Smart Lock for Amazon Key

Schlage 622 Encode Best Smart Lock for Amazon Key
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  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant, Ring

If you get a lot of deliveries from Amazon, the Schlage 622 Encode is one of the best smart locks that works with Amazon Key. This feature allows Amazon delivery drivers to unlock your door and leave your packages inside, so they don’t get stolen or damaged in the rain.

If you want to know more about what Amazon Key is and how it works, check out our previous article here.

In addition to protecting you from porch pirates, the Schlage Encode gives you more ways to unlock your door. You can use your smartphone, enter a code using the backlit keypad, or use a physical key. The smart lock comes with its own key, but you can also rekey it to match the other locks in your house.

This smart device also has a built-in alarm, which lets you know when someone is trying to pry your lock off your door. Plus, it lets you know when the four AA batteries are running low weeks in advance, so you have plenty of time to replace them.

August WiFi (4th-Generation): Best Smart Lock for Airbnb

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  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit

The 4th-generation August smart lock is one of the best choices for Airbnb hosts because of how seamlessly it integrates with the Airbnb app. Once a reservation is confirmed, this smart device will send the guest an email with an entry code and instructions on how to unlock the door.

When it comes time to check out, this smart lock will automatically change the digital key for the next guest. The August app also lets you set up a schedule to give access to housekeepers and other professionals for an hour a day or once a month.

Since the August smart lock doesn’t replace your deadbolt, you can still use your key to unlock the door in case something goes wrong. You can also get detailed status updates every time your door is locked or unlock and when it remains open for too long.

If you are worried about confusing your Airbnb guests with smart home devices, you can also buy a keypad for this smart lock, which should make things easier for the non-tech-savvy.