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5 Must Have Alexa-Powered Smart Home Devices

Alexa GE refrigerator
Alexa GE refrigerator

The Amazon Echo has become the best-selling smart home speaker on the market. It is ubiquitous in several households and capable of performing tasks that no one would have guessed a smart device could do a few years back.

The smart speaker now performs 25,000 skills (and counting) but you’ll need the best-connected devices to maximize Alexa’s vast potential. Among the 4,000 devices compatible with Amazon’s versatile AI, tech experts pick these five as the best for automating your home.


Ecobee 4

It may not be the most popular smart thermostat, but it has been getting a lot of positive feedback. Ecobee 4 learns user patterns to deliver optimal heating and cooling for any home. This advanced feature enhances comfort levels indoors while saving you money and energy. It even uses additional room sensors to collect relevant data about your space and adjusts the temperatures accordingly.

Beyond these, Ecobee 4 has built-in Alexa capabilities. That means you don’t need the Echo to make the most out of it. Besides adjusting indoor temperature, this smart thermostat tells jokes, reads news, and does many of Alexa’s skills.



GE WiFi Connect

Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen appliances like Anova Precision Cooker and ChefSteps Joule have risen to prominence over the years. GE is riding this wave of momentum with its GE WiFi Connect line of refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and ranges. They effortlessly integrate with Alexa’s Geneva skill to give you a next-level smart kitchen experience. You can preheat the oven, confirm when the rinse cycle is done, and boil water for coffee just by commanding Alexa.

GE also has connected dryers, washers, and air conditioners. That’s just a few appliances away from building a solid foundation for your very own smart home.


Philips Hue

Anyone new to the smart home game will probably start with a small investment like smart light bulbs. The best of the bunch may be Philips Hue and it has consistently earned that honor. Hue bulbs save on energy costs and follow pre-scheduled routines with a little programming. You no longer have to worry about coming home to a pitch-black apartment at night. No need to scramble for the light switches in the wee hours of the morning.

With Alexa at the helm, command your Philips Hue bulbs to change their brightness, color, and power.

You need to have the colored Hue bulbs to alter their colors.

Security Camera

Cloud Cam

Amazon built the Cloud Cam with Alexa integration in mind and it has garnered positive reviews. Tech enthusiasts praised how it boosts the home’s indoor security at a reasonable price range but without compromising on decent features.

This smart camera can send push notifications, two-way talk, switch to night vision, and toggle motion sensing. Subscribe to the service and unlock the ability to block off certain parts of the room (e.g. bedroom and bathroom) from detection. You can even have Alexa switch between views or turn on the camera on demand.

cloud cam
cloud cam

Indoor Security


Alexa can anchor your home’s entire security system. Scout’s network of connected alarms and sensors augment your current line of defense. It is a portable, wireless security system with a DIY setup that provides the option for professional monitoring.

Upon installing Scout, connect the system to your Amazon Echo to arm its sensors and alarms via voice command. Keep your home safe and secure when you’re out most of the day. Call for assistance in emergency situations with the combination of a connected Scout and an Echo device.

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