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The Ultimate Smart Home Setup for Your Family’s Entertainment

Smart Home Theater
Smart Home Theater

When your family bonds over big sporting events, movie marathons, and hit TV shows, nothing is as sweet as having an awesome home entertainment system. Don’t settle for a conventional setup. Take it up a notch with smart technology. These are the must-haves for the ultimate smart home setup.

Smart Home Speakers

High-end TVs have good speakers integrated into the screen surface. If you wish to bring in a surround sound experience, connect more speakers to your setup. Try the Sonos speakers, which are great additions to any home theater. Get a Playbar and Playbase, pair them with a subwoofer, and you’re set for an awesome listening experience. If you’re invested in the Google assistant and Chromecast, Riva Arena and Festival multi-room speakers should be on top of your list. With these speakers, you can broadcast audio all around the house. You won’t miss the action even if you’re doing chores in the bathroom or kitchen. The best part is you can control these audio devices with your smartphone or TV remote.

Smart TV

There are plenty of great TV models to choose from, but most experts give the Sony Bravia A1E 65-inch 4K OLED HDR Smart TV a nod. Despite steep competition, the Sony Bravia has been called one the smartest televisions around. It works well with its Android TV-based OS. This Sony model has a magnificent upscaling prowess and image resolution. It has an in-panel speaker that literally turns the TV’s entire surface into an audio output device. Powered by the state-of-the-art X1 chip, the speaker positionally tracks faces on the screen so the sound will often come from where people speak on-screen.

Sony 4K Smart OLED TV
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Universal Remote

No home theater setup is complete without a capable universal remote. That’s where the Logitech Harmony Companion and the Harmony Hub comes in. This combo provides easy, flexible smart home control as well as AV setup and smart remote management. The Harmony Hub comes with two IR extenders, which makes open and closed-cabin AV stack installations a breeze. The software and app are fairly easy to set up. This can be done on your smartphone, which doubles as a controller through an integrated app.

Smart Lights

Imagine brightening the living room with a voice command and then turning off the lights once your favorite show resumes after a commercial break. What may have seemed like a dream years ago is simple with the help of Philips Hue. The smart light brand works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Harmony remote mentioned earlier.

Phillips Hue Smart Lightbulbs

These are the primary components to set up a smart home entertainment system. To make it an even more awesome viewing experience, expand it to include other smart technology for better, all-around convenience.

Wi-Fi-Enabled Doorbells/Locks

Don’t let your guard down even when you’re sleeping or away from home. Invest in a video doorbell to monitor who’s at the front door while your eyes are still glued to the TV. If it’s someone you know, a smart lock can grant them entry at the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Smart Thermostat

Smart climate control systems do more than your regular programmable thermostat. Setting up one at home like Nest can provide significant energy savings. Smart thermostats customize temperatures for several rooms all at once and learn your home patterns to save money.

Connected home entertainment systems are making their way into the average American home with new devices constantly coming out. Take your home theater to the next level with smart home technology.

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