Is Amazon Go the Grocery Store of the Future?

Amazon Go Store
Amazon Go Store

The world’s biggest online retailer has opened a game-changing, brick-and-mortar store that has everyone buzzing with excitement.

The first Amazon Go store opened this week in Seattle. Who would’ve thought we’ll have a cashier-less grocery store where you could shop in less than 5 minutes this soon? The new Amazon Go store could be a sneak peek at the future of grocery shopping.

Limited Entry, No Weekend Operations

Head down to 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA and you’ll be greeted by an extremely long line of people wanting to get into the Go store. The store grants entry to only 90+ shoppers at a time to abide by the fire code. You wait in line to get in but that should be the only line you have to wait in. The store is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday-Friday with no weekend hours.

Accessible Price List

Shopping for the best price is common at the grocery store, especially if you’re on a budget. You normally don’t see the cost of the items until you get to the store. Instead of guessing the total cost of your grocery list, Amazon Go offers a better alternative. Download the Go app, which lists prices for all the items available in the store. The app allows you to estimate your total and minimize overspending or impulse purchases.

Inside Amazon Go Store
Inside Amazon Go Store

Shopping Made Easy

A Prime membership isn’t necessary for you to shop at the first Amazon Go store. The entire experience revolves around the Amazon Go app (iOS, Android) so you have to download the app in order to enter.

Scan the app at one of the turnstiles located at the entrance. Then, grab whatever you want to buy. The app automatically keeps track of all the items you took off the shelves—no scanning necessary.

Amazon keeps track with a combination of computers, sensors, and cameras called “Walk Out” technology.

Pay close attention and you’ll see sensors on the shelves, which detect items that are removed and added. Cameras are placed all over that scan the dotted codes on an item’s label. The system adds the scanned item to your virtual shopping cart.

Shop at Record Speeds

The Amazon Go store has been designed with efficiency in mind. The whole point is for you to go in and get whatever you need with no lulls. People have been able to go in and out in as little as one minute.

If you need help finding items or just feel generally lost, there are Amazon personnel to answer questions. The numerous cameras and technology have the entire store covered to prevent shoplifting.

It may seem odd being in a store with no cash registers or shopping carts, but Amazon Go offers a unique shopping experience using interesting technology. There are currently no plans to introduce the technology to Amazon-owned Whole Foods locations.

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