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My Applications Won’t Install


You’re in the middle of installing a software application when, suddenly, the installation wizard shows an error and stops short of making the software ready for use. There are several causes that prevent you from installing an application, and we’ve listed some of the more common causes along with what you can do to fix them.

First, check the system requirements of the application. You can typically find this information at the back of the installation disc’s case, the software’s official webpage or the user manual. Check if your computer’s hardware, such as the processor, amount of RAM and graphics card, meets the minimum requirements of the application. The needed amount of disk space should also be listed, so make sure your disk drive has enough free space to accommodate the application.

It’s possible that the installer is corrupt. If you downloaded the installer from a website, download another copy and check for its file integrity before attempting to install again. If you have an installation disc, check if there are no major scratches that make its data unreadable. If the scratch is beyond repair, use another installer disc.

Check if whether you have the 32-bit or 64-bit version of your computer’s operating system. While most 32-bit applications are compatible with 64-bit computers, 64-bit applications don’t work with 32-bit computers. Many applications are also designed for specific operating systems, such as Windows or Mac. If the application isn’t compatible with your operating system, find a good alternative that works.

If you’re installing directly from an online source, such as app stores or the software’s official webpage, make sure you have a stable Internet connection. Besides checking the system requirements, verify if the app is not restricted in your country or region. If your computer has parental controls, it’s possible the app is prevented from installing due to its age-inappropriate content.

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