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The Benefits of a Smart Home Security System

The Benefits of a Smart Home Security System

With smart security devices, you can keep an eye on your home when you’re away. Unlike traditional security systems that require long-term contracts, smart devices allow you to personalize your home security system and take control of monitoring your own home. Here are all the benefits you’ll get with a smart home security system compared to a traditional security system.

Benefit #1: Smart Home Security Puts You in Control

Smart home devices can be controlled from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So, if anything happens on your property, you can quickly check your smart cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, and any other smart security devices when you’re away from home.

Traditional security systems can only be controlled from the keypad inside your home. That means you won’t have any control when you leave home. On the other hand, smart security systems allow you to arm or disarm your devices, change settings, and monitor your home from anywhere, anytime.  

remote control
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Unlike traditional security systems, you’re in control with smart devices. You can still use a keypad to control your smart security system, or you can control your devices with voice commands and a compatible smart speaker.

You Can Still Get Professional Monitoring

If you don’t want to be in charge of monitoring your home all by yourself, many smart security devices that come with 24/7 professional monitoring to give you peace of mind. All you need to do is sign up for a membership plan, which will require you to pay a monthly fee.

For example, with Ring Protect Pro, you’ll get 24/7 professional live monitoring, and you can choose which cameras you want trained agents to see and when they can see them. Then, if something happens on your property, they will call you and even dispatch the police or fire department to your home if you don’t answer.

smart home security system monitoring
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If you don’t want to pay extra for professional monitoring, you can also add trusted family members or friends to your smart security accounts. Then they will be able to receive all the same alerts as you do, giving you a second pair of eyes to watch over your home for free.

Benefit #2: Real-Time Alerts

Traditional security systems will only alert you after someone tries to break into your home, when it’s already too late. On the other hand, smart home security devices will send you a notification the moment an event happens, so you can see what’s happening in real-time and take action.

Most smart security apps will give you the ability to contact emergency services with a single tap when you receive a notification. Many smart home devices also allow you to set up accounts for family members, so you’ll get notifications with their name and picture to easily identify false alarms.

Real Time Alerts
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Almost every smart home security device will send you some sort of notification for different types of events. For example, video doorbells and smart cameras have motion detectors built-in, so you’ll get an alert whenever someone steps foot on your property. Smart locks and window contact sensors will alert you when someone tries to break into your home. And smart smoke detectors will let you know when a fire breaks out or your batteries are about to die.

Benefit #3: Live Monitoring

With smart cameras and video doorbells, you can use a feature called “Live View” to see what’s happening on your property at any time. Many smart devices also have microphones and speakers built-in, so you can talk to family members, pets, and visitors and hear them respond in real-time.

You can even use smart displays and smart TVs to see a live view of your smart cameras and video doorbells. All you have to do is ask your smart assistant to show your front door camera, and you can speak to visitors from any room in your home – completely hands-free.

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Many smart home security devices also have sirens built in, so you can quickly scare away unwanted guests with the tap of a button. Or you can leave an automated message to tell visitors you are not at home or let delivery drivers know where to drop off packages without lifting a finger.

Benefit #4: Video Recordings and Cloud Storage

Smart cameras and video doorbells can automatically record video whenever motion or certain sounds are detected. These short clips are usually saved to the cloud, so you can watch them anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Some smart cameras can record footage 24/7, but those are usually only indoor cameras that can be plugged into power continuously. It’s also important to note that saving videos to the cloud will usually cost extra, and you can usually only save clips for a certain amount of time before they are automatically deleted.

smart home security Video Recordings and Cloud Storage
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If you want to save any video clips recorded by your smart home security system, you can always download them. Then you can easily send them to friends, family, or law enforcement to aid in their investigation.

Benefit #5: Smart Home Security Systems are More Customizable

Smart home security systems are easy to customize for your specific wants and needs. If you only need to keep an eye on your front door, you can just get a video doorbell. If you ever need more security, you can always add as many smart locks, smart cameras, or window sensors as you want.

Or, if you don’t know where to start, you can just install a smart alarm system. These kits usually come with a keypad and a few contact sensors for windows, doors, motion sensors, and other devices. Then you can always connect a smart smoke alarm or smart garage door opener to your security system in the future.

ring alarm sensors
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Plus, most of these smart devices allow you to change settings to fully customize your security system. For example, smart cameras and video doorbells come with a feature called “Activity Zones,” which allows you to customize which specific areas of your property you want your devices to detect motion. That way, you only get notifications when someone steps on your property, not every time a car drives down the road.

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Benefit #6: Smart Home Security Devices are Easy to Install and Easy to Use

Smart home devices are designed for DIY. Certain devices, like indoor cameras and window and door sensors, are fairly easy to install yourself, but there are also some devices that require a lot of electrical work, like outdoor cameras with floodlights.

Unlike traditional security systems that must be installed by professionals, all smart security devices come with detailed installation instructions and all the tools you need to set up on your own. Then you can control all your devices with easy-to-use apps on your smartphone.

install msart home security devices system
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If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up your smart security system, HelloTech can do it for you. We have thousands of technicians across the country, who can come to your home to professionally install your smart security devices for you. We’ll even show you how to use the app and answer any other questions you have, so you’ll feel empowered to start using your smart security devices when we leave.

Benefit #7: Smart Home Devices Provide Better Security

Smart home devices are almost always wireless, which means intruders won’t be able to cut any cables to disable your security system. If your power goes out, some smart security devices can revert to battery power, and if your WiFi goes down, some devices can use cellular data instead of WiFi. That means you can build a smart security system that will never go down.

When you are gone, you can use your smart lock to let guests, housecleaners, and dog walkers into your home. With a feature called “digital keys,” you can even choose how long guests are able to unlock your door. Then you can get alerts from your video doorbells, smart cameras, and smart locks to see exactly when they leave.

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Desktop Guest keys
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Unlike traditional security systems, which need to be turned off when you get home, smart devices can stay armed 24/7. There are also additional security features you’ll get with smart devices, like the Neighbors app that comes with all Ring devices. As long as you have a Ring Protect membership, this app will allow you to see and share posts about security issues with other Ring users in your area.

Benefit #8: Automation and Ecosystems

You can connect almost any smart home devices to your smart security system, which allows you to set up automations. For example, you can make all your lights turn on when your smart smoke detector goes off. That way, you can find your way out of the home quickly.

Plus, smart devices will even work with other personal devices like your smartphone, smart TV, and smartwatch. So, you can unlock doors using your Apple Watch, as long as you have a compatible smart lock. Or you can sync your smartphone to your smart security system and use your location to automatically arm your devices when you leave home.

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If you set up your smart home automation properly, you can create a chain reaction with multiple devices. For example, if your motion sensors trigger after a certain time, they can automatically turn on your lights, lock your doors, and make your smart speakers play the sound of a dog barking.

Benefit #9: Smart Home Security Is More Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of a smart security system is that you never have to worry about expensive contracts or cancellation fees. Even if you choose to sign up for professional monitoring services, you’ll save money compared to a traditional security system, and you won’t have to worry about cancellation fees.

Smart security subscription fees typically range from $3 a month to around $20 a month, while ADT’s monthly fee can be as high as $60 a month or more if you want it to be customized. Plus, you don’t get total freedom to choose your own devices, and you have to pay for installation from the security company.

Smart Home Security Is More Affordable
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Smart home devices can also lower your insurance rates by 5% to 10% or more. The average homeowner’s insurance cost in the US is around $1,500 a year, according to, which means you could save roughly $75-$150 a year by installing smart security devices. However, your actual savings will depend on which insurance company you use and which smart home devices you have installed.

As you build your smart home security system, HelloTech will be there to help. With our new Connected Home tool, you can easily find the best devices for your smart home. Then our technicians can help you install any devices in your smart security system. Once your system is installed, we’ll always be there to fix any problems or answer any other questions you may have.

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