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The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Tech Lovers

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals featured

Amazon Prime Day has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Now, Amazon has started adding a second Prime Day to the calendar, bringing savings earlier than ever. To help you make the most of your holiday shopping, here is our list of the best Prime Day deals that will save you at least 20% on the latest tech devices.   

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon’s second Prime Day will take place in the Fall before most Black Friday sales start. This year, Amazon announced the Fall Prime Day event will begin on Tuesday, October 11, and ends at the end of the day on Wednesday, October 11.

It is important to note that you have to be an Amazon Prime member in order to take advantage of these deals. If you are not a member already, you can always sign up for a free trial now and cancel after you make a purchase.

Save 24% on AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

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Apple’s latest earbuds are at their lowest price since last Prime Day. The 2nd-generation AirPods Pro now comes with a new USB-C charging case for faster charging and volume controls on each stem, so you can turn up the music without pulling out your iPhone.

However, the most significant upgrade from the 1st-generation AirPods Pro is the new case that now works with the Find My app. With its built-in speakers, you can make the new case play a sound, so you can find it – just like your AirPods.

Save 31% on Anker Nano Power Bank

Prime Day deals
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Since Apple has started adding USB-C charging to all its latest devices, it’s the perfect time to start upgrading your chargers as well. The Anker Nano Power Bank comes with a built-in USB-C port that flips out, so you never have to carry messy cables around in your bag again.

While it is small enough to fit in your pocket, this portable charger can charge an iPhone 15 from 0 to 43% in just half an hour.

If you haven’t upgraded to an iPhone 15, you can also get a good deal this Prime Day on the Anker Nano Power Bank with a foldable lightning port instead.

Save 69% on Echo Pop with Kasa Smart Plug

Prime Day deals
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Whether you’re just starting your smart home journey, or you want to add more Alexa speakers around your home, you can get a great deal on the all-new Echo pop. This 3.6-inch smart speaker allows you to talk to Alexa and control all your smart home devices with simple voice commands.

Plus, this bundle comes with a free smart plug, which lets you turn any electronic device into a smart home device, so you can turn it on or off from your smartphone.

Save 71% on Echo Show 5 with Philips Hue Smart Bulb

Prime Day deals
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If you’re looking to upgrade your smart speaker to a smart display, this is one of the best Prime Day deals you can get. Not only do you get the new 3rd-generation Echo Show 5, with bigger, better speakers, but you also get one of the best smart bulbs on the market.

With this bundle, you can ask Alexa to turn on your Philips Hue smart bulb and set the mood in any room with over 16 million different colors.

Save 31% on Google Nest Thermostat

61A+x8c9VeL. AC SL1500
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One of the best money-saving devices for any home these days is a smart thermostat. In fact, the Google Nest Thermostat can save you so much on your energy bills that it should pay for itself in the first year or two.  

This energy-efficient device can automatically turn off when you leave, so you won’t have to pay to heat and cool an empty home. You can also control your thermostat from your smartphone, using voice commands, or by setting up a schedule.

While many smart home devices are easy to set up on your own, there are some that can be complicated to install correctly. HelloTech has thousands of technicians across the country who can come to your home and install your smart devices for you as soon as today.

Save 28% on Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

61MBp1T6huL. SL1500
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Just this year, Ring released a new video doorbell, which the company claims is “the most significant update” to its wireless video doorbell lineup ever. As the name implies, the biggest change with the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is the battery, which now lasts three times longer than the first doorbell released back in 2011.

Ring’s new video doorbell also has a much higher resolution video and a taller aspect ratio than before, so you can see all your guests from head to toe. With the taller video, you’ll be able to get alerts for packages, so you’ll know exactly when your deliveries have arrived.

Save 50% on Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen)

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(Image Source: Amazon)

For the first time in years, Ring has finally updated its indoor smart camera, and it’s already on sale. Like the previous model, the new 2nd-generation Ring Indoor Cam lets you see your home in real time and talk to guests with the built-in speakers and microphones.

However, Ring added some new bells and whistles to the latest plug-in camera, including a manual privacy cover, color night vision, and Advanced Pre-Roll, which lets you see what happened before the motion detectors are triggered.

Prime Day deals
(Image Source: Amazon)

If you want to protect your home with smart cameras but you don’t want to pay for a subscription, this is one of the best Prime Day deals for you. Blink makes some of the best budget smart cameras that you can mount anywhere on your property.

The latest Blink Outdoor cameras offer new features, like enhanced motion detection with customizable activity zones and an incredible 2-year battery life.

Save 33% on Google Nest Cam

31750hI5MLL. AC SL1080
(Image Source: Amazon)

If you have a Google smart home, the battery-powered Nest Cam is at its lowest price since the last Prime Day. This smart camera comes with a magnetic stand that makes it easy to install and remove the camera whenever you need to recharge the batteries.

The Nest Cam is one of the only smart cameras that gives you 3 hours of video event history for free. So, you won’t need to buy a subscription plan just to see when guests or intruders trigger an event.  

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Save 39% on Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition

Prime Day deals
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With a smart lock, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. Unlike other bulky smart locks, the Level Lock has a sleek and traditional design, so it won’t change the aesthetics of your front door. Plus, it also comes with real keys to unlock your door like normal.

As its name implies, the Level Lock Touch Edition also lets you unlock your front door with a simple touch, a keycard, your smartphone, or with voice commands. However, this model is only designed to work with Apple HomeKit smart homes, so it is best for iPhone users.

Save 37% on Ring Alarm, Video Doorbell, and Indoor Cam Bundle

41tmkeWZhuL. SL1000
(Image Source: Amazon)

If you’re looking to build a smart home security system from scratch, this is one of the best Prime Day deals you can get. This Ring bundle includes a video doorbell, a smart indoor camera, and a full 5-piece smart alarm system, complete with a base station, keypad, motion detector, and window and door sensors.

Once they are all connected, you’ll be alerted to any unwanted visitors in your home. Then you can see and speak to your visitors in real time. In order to get all the features, you’ll need to subscribe to Ring Protect, but there are no long-term contracts.

Save 20% on Meross Smart Garage Door Opener MSG200HK

(Image Source: Amazon)

A smart garage door opener lets you control your garage door from your smartphone. The Meross MSG200HK is compatible with over 1,600 garage door openers from 200 brands. It also works with Alexa, Google, and Apple HomeKit smart homes, so you can control your garage with your smart speakers.

In addition to opening and closing your garage remotely, this new model from Meross will also send you notifications whenever your garage door is opened manually, and you can set up schedules to automatically close your garage door at preset times.

Save 30% on Amazon eero Pro 6E mesh WiFi System (3-Pack)

Prime Day deals
(Image Source: Amazon)

If you have any WiFi dead zones around your home, this is one of the best Prime Day deals you can get. This 3-piece eero Pro mesh WiFi system comes with 3 routers, which can be placed anywhere in your home to extend your WiFi network to any room.

With the eero Pro 6E, you’ll be able to use the new 6GHz WiFi band, which delivers faster speeds for more devices at once. While there are not many devices that currently support WiFi 6E, Apple did add it to the iPhone 15 Pro just last month.

Save 54% on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

41GYmjbeVSL. AC SL1000
(Image Source: Amazon)

If you still have any non-smart TVs, the Fire TV Stick 4K is one of the best ways to access millions of movies and TV shows. All you have to do is plug this device into any HDMI port on your TV, and then you can install your favorite streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more.

Even if you already have a smart TV, this small streaming device is a great way to bring all your shows with you on vacation. Plus, your Amazon Prime membership will give you access to the huge library of movies and shows on Prime Video for free.

Save 23% on Roku Streambar

817oM8ew4YL. AC SL1500
(Image Source: Amazon)

If you’ve been looking for a new streaming device and soundbar, this might be one of the best Prime Day deals you can get. The Roku Streambar is a 14-inch soundbar with a Roku streaming device built in. That means you only need one device to instantly upgrade any non-smart TV.

While this device will improve the sound quality of most flatscreen TVs, it is important to note that this 2.0-channel soundbar will not compete with more expensive soundbars or surround sound systems.

Save 32% on Echogear MaxMotion TV Wall Mount

Prime Day deals
(Image Source: Amazon)

Nothing will make your TV look better than mounting it on the wall. Whether you plan to buy a new big-screen TV, or you just want to upgrade your home theater, the Echogear MaxMotion is one of the best wall mounts you can get, especially if you have a larger TV.

This mount can hold a wide range of TVs, from 42-90 inches large and up to 125 pounds. But no matter how large your TV is, you’ll be able to smoothly swivel it up to 130 degrees, tilt it down 15 degrees, and extend your screen up to 22 inches from the wall.

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