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The Best Charity Apps that Make Giving Easy and Fun

Best Charity Apps that Make Giving Easy and Fun

There was a time when giving to charity took a lot of effort. You had to cut a check, find a mailbox or go to a post office, and send your contribution with a fervent hope that it wouldn’t get lost on its way to its final destination. These days, however, giving can be as simple as tapping a button on your mobile phone. To get you started on your charitable journey, we picked the best charity apps that make giving fun and easy.

Blood Donor: Best App for Donating Blood 

blood donation app

Created by the American Red Cross, the Blood Donor app is all you need for keeping track of your donation schedule and appointments, local blood drives, and donation centers. You can also join a team and track your cumulative impact on a national leaderboard.

And, most importantly, the app comes with a geo-targeted shortage alert, which lets you know if your blood type is needed in your area.

Download: iOS | Android 

Coin Up: Best App for Giving Change 

coin up charity app

This charity app rounds up your credit and debit card transactions and donates your spare change to your chosen charity. With this app, the change that you would have forgotten about will be put to good use. Your nickels and dimes can be donated to one of 250 charities on Coin Up.

Coin Up lets you set a monthly goal or limit. You also have the choice to make a one-time donation or a fixed monthly donation. At the end of each month, the app will give you a report about where your donations went. You get a tax donation receipt at the end of each year as well.

Download: iOS | Android 



ShareTheMeal is a charity app created by the World Food Programme. It’s one of the few charity apps that aims to address world hunger. With the tap of a button, you can donate a minimum of 50 cents, which is the amount needed to feed a child for one day.

For transparency, you can also view where your donation goes and who you’re helping.

Download: iOS | Android 

Charity Apps that Let You Help and Stay Healthy 

Want to help yourself AND the world at the same time? If this sounds like a good idea, what you need is a walk-for-charity app. Whether you find working out a chore or the best part of your day, you will be glad to know that your physical efforts can have a positive impact on others.

Charity Miles 

charity app charity miles

Charity Miles is a running, cycling, and walking tracker that makes every workout session count. With every step you log on the Charity Miles app, you help raise money for one of the 40 unique charities connected with the app.

Using Charity Miles is simple. You just have to pick a charity and launch the app before your walk or run. The app will track your activity, and sponsors will donate money based on the distance you cover. Now you can enjoy a runner’s high and a helper’s high at the same time!

Download: iOS | Android 

WoofTrax Walk for a Dog 

animal charity app

Another great app that lets you help others while you work on your health is Walk for a Dog by WoofTrax. Using this app, the simple act of walking your dog turns altruistic. The more you and your fur friend walk, the more donations you make to local animal organizations or the shelter of your choice.

For those who walk dogs for a living or for a side hustle, this app is a must-download.

Download: iOS | Android 

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