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The Best Smart Coffee Maker for Any Coffee-Lover

Best Smart Coffee Makers for 2019

The only thing better than starting your day with a warm cup of coffee is not having to brew it yourself. Thankfully, smart coffee makers can brew the perfect cup every time, even while you’re still lying in bed. These smart home devices have useful apps, and they can be controlled with voice commands. Here is our list of the best smart coffee maker for every afficianado.

Atomi Smart Coffee Maker: Best Budget Smart Coffee Maker 

Atomi Smart Coffee Maker Best Budget Smart Coffee Maker 996x1024
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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start off your mornings on the right foot. The Atomi smart coffee maker is one of the most affordable ways to brew the perfect cup of coffee, and it comes with tons of great smart features. 

You can turn this smart coffee machine on and make your coffee with an app or by asking Alexa or the Google Assistant. You don’t even have to be in the house to use the Atomi coffee maker. Using the app, you can set it to brew your coffee remotely. It is also programmable, and you can set up a schedule to give you a boost of caffeine at specific times of the day. 

The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker holds 12 cups of coffee. It’s a good size for sharing coffee with your family or co-workers. It also comes with a washable and reusable filter. And, on days when you need a particularly strong cup, this machine’s brew strength setting will come in handy. 

Hamilton Beach: Best Smart Coffee Maker that Works with Alexa 

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Want a smart coffee maker that you can speak to? This Hamilton Beach model is the perfect machine for you. Compatible with Alexa, you can tell this smart coffee maker to start a brew, make it strong, or switch off once it’s done.

You can also use the Alexa app to create a routine specifically for this machine. For example, you can program it to have your coffee ready when you wake up each morning. Talk about convenience. 

Also adding to the convenience factor is its “front fill” design. That means you can add coffee grounds or water to the machine without having to slide it from under a cabinet. As for the coffee experience, this machine will give you up to 12 cups of coffee, making it perfect for a family or your work team. And, depending on your co-workers’ preference, the machine can give you regular or bold strength coffee. 

Nespresso Expert by Breville: Best Single-Serve Smart Coffee Maker

Nespresso Expert by Breville Best Single Serve Smart Coffee Maker 1024x903
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Love those specialty cafe drinks that smell heavenly? You can recreate those easily using this smart Nespresso machine by Breville. This coffee maker is a single-serve type, but it can give you coffee in four cup sizes. These sizes also generally indicate the coffee-to-water ratio of the drinks, so you have great options depending on what you feel like drinking. For example, the Ristretto size is 0.85 oz, and it has a 1:1 coffee-to-water ratio. The Lungu, on the other hand, gives you a 3.7 oz drink, and it has 1 part coffee to 4 parts water. 

On top of the fantastic size options, this Nespresso machine also opens your world to a long list of coffee pod types. They range from intense to mild to flavored. Several are decaffeinated, too. Giving you more control over your cup, this machine is also equipped with three temperature settings and an extraction system with up to 19 bars of pressure. 

What makes the Nespresso Expert smart is its Bluetooth function and companion iOS and Android app. With this app, you can make your coffee, choose brewing settings, or set the time for when the next brew should be made. You will also receive notifications when you are about to run out of coffee capsules.

GINA Smart Coffee Instrument: Best in Design 

GINA Smart Coffee Instrument - Best in Design
(Image Source: Amazon)

Do you prefer a more personal approach to making coffee? If so, you probably like to use the pour-over method when making your daily brew. There is a smart way to do this if you get yourself the GINA Smart Coffee Instrument. Not only is this machine beautiful, it makes brewing coffee a delight, too. 

Apart from the pour-over method, the GINA machine also lets you make cold brews or enjoy coffee made using the French press immersion technique. No matter the flavor or strength you prefer for your coffee, there is a GINA method that will surely work for you. With its companion mobile app, this machine will also guide you in making the perfect cup every time. 

Topbrewer – Best Smart Coffee Machine For Your Small Business

(Image Source: TopBrewer)

The Topbrewer is a countertop coffee machine that showcases a beautiful design and intelligent features to match. A great addition to your small business, this machine will surely make your employees or clients feel like they are in a cozy cafe. 

The app for the Topbrewer gives you and your team plenty of coffee options. You can also customize each recipe according to your taste. The machine is compatible with Siri, and you can use it using your iPhone, an iPad, or even your Apple Watch. 

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Programmable coffee makers can also be considered smart although most of them don’t have Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. However, if you connect these machines to a smart plug, you can easily make them more connected or much smarter. A smart plug is a much cheaper compared to a brand-new coffee machine. Here are some of the best smart plugs that you can look into. 

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