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Top Trends to Watch at CES 2018


The New Year brings plenty of exciting things for the world of technology. That is why hundreds of tech lovers are anticipating this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) with much excitement. The CES is an annual event that provides a venue for the unveiling of new products and technologies. This year kicks off January 9 but the press events will start on January 10.

It is a 3-day program that will be capped off on January 12.

Over the New Year weekend, there were plenty of smartphone leaks all over the internet. This only fueled the excitement among fans who were highly anticipating what products and/or services will be revealed during the CES 2018 show. If you’re one of these fans, get a peek into what’s in store right here!

The 5G Revolution

Image Source: Contently

The 5G revolution is going to be one of the most interesting trends that will be highlighted during CES 2018. Experts believe that it will drive conversations at the event. Its application is not expected until late this year. Expert techs and wireless carriers are still conducting trials on the ultra-high-speed networking technology.

Apart from the arrival of the 5G technology, consumers are more interested to see how 5G will be incorporated in cars, cities, and health care. It is unclear if there will be consumer devices unveiled sporting the 5G tech.

The Future of Cars

In case you haven’t heard, experts predict that self-driving cars will be the future of the automobile industry. Another focus among automakers is better technology for cars. There will be a shift toward providing new infotainment systems and car interiors that will combine practicality with more modern visions.

Some of the confirmed automakers showcasing their products and concepts at the show include Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Toyota. They will be unveiling ideas on how they’ve converted modern cars into a driverless passenger pod. Watch out for displays about alternative fuel technology, too.

Digital Health Gets Serious

In 2017, wearable fitness trackers were a major trend. Apple Watch and Fitbit were ahead of the pack.

However, wearable devices seemed to hit a struggle by mid- to end of this year. This was prompted by the need for serious healthcare devices. It does not mean that the focus towards health and fitness was gone, but rather the use of technology for health and fitness experienced transformation.

Gone are the faddish trackers and wearables. Enter cloud-connected hearing aids or telemedicine. The focus in new health devices for 2018 is to easily connect patients with medical professionals to address specific health needs.

Smart Home War

Image Source: PCMag

The smart home war is currently being projected as the main focus of CES 2018. In 2017’s show, Google Home was a relatively new player in the field. A year later, Google Home has kept up with the competition with some new products and technologies. Experts claim that third-party manufacturers of smart home devices will most likely develop their products and technologies to be compatible with any of today’s popular smartphone assistants.

More devices will be integrated with smart home AIs as well. This means that whether you prefer Google Home or Alexa, you can expect to have a more seamless experience.

The Future of TV

If you are expecting something big and grand for 2018 with the TV industry, you will be disappointed.

According to industry insiders, CES 2018 will introduce subtle yet incremental changes. The introduction of MicroLED TV is what will be making a buzz at the CES 2018 show. This technology is similar to OLED except that it will feature very small subpixels.

Sources say that MicroLED will be superior to OLED TVs in terms of brightness, contrast and energy efficiency. It will also address issues of burn-in, which was pretty common with OLED TVs. Sony has already previously unveiled MicroLED.

Airpod Imitators

Image Source: Expert Reviews

The Apple Air Pods were an undeniable success when they hit the market. It was only a matter of time until headphone manufacturers from all over the world decided to jump in on this trend. These headphones are expected to go down as commodities and will be available in various style, purpose, and price range. A new health trend involving so-called “hearables” is carving a niche for itself. You can expect to find plenty of Air Pod imitators at CES 2018.

Augmented Reality Has Arrived

Augmented reality beats virtual reality. This will be the new trend for 2018 in the world of tech. You can expect augmented reality to come into focus at the CES 2018 show. The release of Apple ARKit helped bring this technology into mainstream media’s radar. Almost every product you find in the market is aiming to incorporate this technology into its design. At the CES 2018 floor, consumers can expect to sample devices that feature augmented reality tech.

Stay tuned for more news from CES 2018. Which of these trends are you most excited to see?

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