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Why Chromebook Shouldn’t Be Your Next Laptop

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A Chromebook differs in so many ways from the traditional Windows and Mac laptops, and this uniqueness can be either good or bad to users. Some brave users gave these Chrome OS-powered laptops a chance and ultimately loved them. Others, however, found that Chromebooks just don’t work for their needs—and these five reasons will tell you why.

Chromebooks Are Optimized For Google’s Apps

You’ll have a hard time working on a Chromebook when you’re so accustomed to programs that are only available on Windows. You may need to leave your old software suite in favor of Google’s offerings, which means you’ll need time for learning new software.

Chromebooks Heavily Depend On The Internet

Granted, some Chromebook apps work offline. But most of them are pretty much useless the moment you lose access to the Internet. Indeed, Chromebooks are handy mobile devices, as long as you’re within Wi-Fi range.

Chromebooks Are For Casual Use Only

Forget about hardcore gaming, advanced software, programming and other complex tasks. With their relatively underpowered processors and graphics chips, Chromebooks are limited to the casual apps. Angry Birds, anyone?

Chromebooks Have Limited Internal Storage

Since Chrome OS is all about working online, a typical Chromebook has a small internal storage. 16GB is the norm, although a few models have 32GB. With such a small space, you can’t expect to store a lot of your multimedia files in a Chromebook. You’ve no choice but to utilize cloud storage, which brings us back to being heavily reliant to the Internet.

Chromebooks Have Limited Support For Peripheral Devices

Many Chromebooks offer USB and other ports for your peripherals, but there’s a good chance that they won’t recognize these external devices. To print from your Chromebook, for instance, you’ll need to connect to Google Cloud Print and a printer that supports such technology.

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