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Do We Really Need Cable Anymore? 5 Reasons Why You Don’t

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Here’s a simple fact: you don’t have time to watch 90% of the cable TV channels that you pay for. Hence, it’s easy to see why many households complain about cable plans being overpriced. You’ll be relieved to know that there is now a better quality and budget-friendly alternative: internet streaming services. And with one out of seven Americans making the switch, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out.

Read on to know the reasons why it may be high time to cut the cord.

Save Money

On your cable subscription, you’re billed more than $100 every month. Let’s say that in a month, all you ever get to watch on TV is the weekly episode of Veep. Do the math and you’ll see that you’re paying $25 per episode of your favorite comedy series. That doesn’t even include you paying for dozens of other channels that you never watch. Compare that to the $20 you pay for a monthly subscription to Sling TV (and its 16-channel package), among the popular internet TV services around. Doesn’t seem too economical, does it?

No doubt, you save more with streaming platforms than with cable TV services.

Watch What You Want to See

Sure, you can customize the channels you can watch on cable TV nowadays. However, you have to pay extra for every channel that isn’t included in the cable service’s default roster for a specific subscription plan. With streaming services, you can customize the content that you plan to watch. This, frankly, is the greatest edge internet TVs have over cable services.

Watch Your Favorite TV Series

After a TV episode airs on cable TV, it used to be that it’ll take weeks or months before you get to see those latest episodes online. Back then, this was the biggest downside to online streaming.

Nowadays, streaming platforms like Hulu serve up content from Fox, ABC, NBC, the CW, and other popular channels a day after they’re aired. So if you don’t really mind the wait, you will be better off with internet TV.

HD Viewing Experience

Before video streaming and Netflix became mainstream, online video quality was a huge concern. Combining the low quality with a bad internet connection, the overall viewing experience was a total nightmare.

Today, anybody can stream an HD video or movie with ease, though the clarity of the videos still largely depends on your internet service and provider. It’s safe to say that a quality viewing experience is no longer limited to those who have cable TV at home.

Which Streaming Service Should You Choose?

Clearly, video streaming is the next frontier. This is why a lot of promising players on the market are eager to get in on the action. Lucky for us consumers, this friendly competition makes it possible for us to see original programming & quality content faster and more frequently. Soon enough, you won’t have any problem watching your favorite show online the day it airs.

For decades, a majority of us have been watching and paying for cable TV despite the service’s exorbitant costs. While it has been reliable in delivering info and entertainment through the years, internet TV sites are fast becoming the flexible and economical alternative to this traditional technology.

With streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or even HBO Now making it possible for us viewers to pay for only the stuff that we want to watch. Slashing our entertainment bill into half is no longer a pipe dream, but a reality. This emphasis on convenience, in itself, may be a glimpse into the future of television.

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