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Everything You Need to Know About Google Duplex


During the recent Google annual developer conference (I/O 2018), one of the highlights for the company’s presentation is the Google Duplex. Attendees got a preview of the capabilities and features of Google Duplex.

Since it was unveiled, this brand-new technology has created a lot of buzz. Many consumers, Google fans especially, are excited to know what new things are in store for them. But as always, there are mixed reviews and reactions from those who have seen the presentation. To help you decide for yourself if it is something for you, it is important to take an in-depth look at what Google Duplex is and what it promises to do.

What is Google Duplex?

Image Source: ColdFusion-Youtube

Google Duplex is a technology that features human-sounding AI that has the capability to speak to a human naturally. The most impressive thing about this artificial intelligence is that it was difficult for the other person to detect if it was a robot, or a real human being. While this was impressive to some, there are a few others who could not help but feel creeped out.

Needless to say, Google Duplex is one of the biggest leaps that any company has gained when it comes to artificial intelligence technology. Google aims to cement its position as an industry leader when it comes to the use and development of AI technology. Google Duplex is certainly a positive step towards that goal.

But what is the motivation behind the development of Google Duplex? What is Google trying to achieve with this technology? Google has achieved what many other businesses have attempted to do for many years now – enabling humans to converse with computers.

There are a few applications of the artificial intelligence technology that are currently in use today, such as chatbots. Google aims to take that one step further with Duplex. It has been a source of frustration for consumers and customers when they are forwarded to an automated phone system.

Google wanted to address the shortcomings of the current automated systems so as to improve the user experience.

With Google Duplex, it is now possible for humans to converse with robots/computers like they are humans, too. Instead of the person adjusting to the system, it is the other way around with Google Duplex. One of the most impressive things about it is that it has the capacity to elaborate or handle interruptions during a conversion.

What Can Google Duplex Do?

Google Duplex is a technology designed for various implementations. It involves telling the Google Assistant to perform a task on your behalf. For example, you can use this technology to book a reservation at a restaurant or schedule an appointment at a salon. Google Assistant and Google Duplex will perform the call to the specified business on your behalf. They will speak to whoever is designated to handle the reservations or appointments on the other line. Once the reservation or appointment is set, it will be automatically added to your calendar.

Image Source: GoogleBlog

It is also a beneficial technology for businesses. It can offer the same convenience and benefits as it can to customers. One example is to use the AI technology to respond to customer calls and inquiries.

If your business deals with regularly scheduling appointments, Google Duplex can be a lifesaver.

You no longer have to set up the annoying automated IVR system. The AI system will enable you to respond to your customer queries in real time. And since Google Duplex is able to converse just like humans do, your customers will have a better experience with the booking or inquiry process.

Concerns About the Technology

Google does not deny that they still have a long way to go in terms of developing this technology. As early as now, though, the benefits of this technology are already promising. However, the biggest concern that consumers and industry leaders have about Google Duplex involves security and privacy.

How secure is it to have a computer speak to customers on your behalf? And how is the information provided by the customer on the other end of the line protected in the process?

Google is aware of these concerns and admit that they have a lot to work on. Security and privacy are two aspects that they will be putting their time and focus on. For now, Google Duplex is headed towards the right path in carving the future of AI technology and its application in the market.

Release of Google Duplex

Although many are excited to get their hands on it, this technology won’t be available to the broader public any time soon, according to Google. They still need to perform a wide range of tests on the technology to identify areas for improvement. As of now, the technology will be used on test businesses and test markets. Google is hoping to gather data during this test run to be able to make improvements where needed. For now, you can continue using your Google Assistant!

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