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Get Back in Shape with 2017’s Best Running Gadgets

LifeBeam's Vi

Running arguably may be the simplest workout;  slip into your most comfortable jogging pants, head to the nearest park, and you’re set. To make the most of your runs, technology can lend you a hand. With these fitness gadgets at your disposal, you can maintain proper running form, know how fast/far you’ve run, and steer clear of injury. Make running easier, more enjoyable, and shed a few pounds before the holidays:

LifeBeam Vi

Ambitious by design, Vi (pronounced as “vee”) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) running coach contained in specialized headphones. These amazing bio-sensing earbuds will keep track of your speed, distance, heart rate, elevation, cadence, etc.

By taking in as much info as it can about your runs, this wearable AI can encourage you to perform better during your sessions. It can tell when you’re ready to increase your pace. It also offers a critique of your form, whichever factor needs the most work.

While serious runners will like the fact that Vi can pull up their run metrics via voice command, its bio-sensing earbuds attach to a neckband. That’ll likely take some adjustment.

Lumo Run

Built with seven different sensors (including a gyroscope, accelerometer, and vibration sensor), this lightweight device can track every essential running form stat. The data it tracks include pelvic movement, cadence, and bounce, which it’ll then send to the Lumo app.

With that said, you can easily go over your stats from your recent runs to know how well you’ve performed. The Lumo Run sensor even gives you real-time audio coaching and personalized recommendations for pre- and post-run exercises.

Just clip the Lumo Run to the back of your shorts and wear paired earbuds to get going. Now, you have an instant running coach right in your ear.

Apple Watch (Series 3)

By far, this may be the most popular fitness wearable on the market. Besides its unparalleled fame and gorgeous design, the latest Apple Watch has gone through a major hardware upgrade, too. As a matter of fact, it’s now better at going toe-to-toe with the best fitness trackers you can get your hands on. It has built-in GPS, a completely waterproof construction, and a heart rate monitor that health buffs will appreciate.

What sets the second-edition Apple Watch apart from most fitness trackers is that it helps you get fit and connected. It’s like having your iPhone on your wrists every time you hit the treadmill.

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