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Google Flights: Avoid Soaring Airfares on Your Next Trip

google flights

Google just made it far less frustrating to book a flight. With the update of its airfare search site, Google Flights, we can better anticipate when the prices of flights will change.

Nothing frustrates a frequent flyer more than finding out that the price of their flight decreased the day after they purchased the ticket. Thanks to Google Flights’ newest feature, you’ll be shown when ticket prices are expected to change for particular routes. That way, you can book them before they go beyond your budget’s reach.

What’s New on Google Flights

A few of the features offered on Google Flights include a tool to help you search for cheap destinations based on preferred dates, and another that lets you see an airline’s fluctuating prices in a calendar view. You can also set it to alert you on price changes for flights you’re monitoring. In the upcoming version, these functions will be further improved. By then, you will also be notified when current fares are expiring so you’d have an idea of how much you save by booking ASAP.

If you’re tracking specific flights, the updated site will let you know when the current fare is expected to change. This new feature uses historical flight data to make predictions. Now you can avoid those seemingly random price increases as much as possible. When you don’t have a specific route or flight planned, Google Flights will be able to provide “tips” to help you make smarter flying decisions. Those tips can include recommendations for alternate dates or airports. It even has an integrated “Explore” tab to help you decide where you want to visit.

Google is also rolling out an added search feature for hotels. The new “deals” tab will alert you when there are available savings that loyalty program members can get via the hotel’s website.

Save Money with Google Flights

With the updates rolling out for Google Flights, it’s now better equipped to beat ordinary travel agents in terms of the advice you get from it. Here are a few savvy features of the new online tool:

  • Discover cheaper alternative options.

    When the flight you’re looking up has a similar but cheaper alternative, pay attention to the subtle “Tip” bar. Often, this part will show know how much you save if you fly earlier, later, or from a different airport than originally planned. If your travel plans are quite flexible, those timely tips could save you enough cash to buy more souvenirs!


  • Know which flights offer the most value.

    Still choosing between having a layover or going nonstop on your next holiday trip? Check out the “Best Flights” box, which will show you affordable flights that get you to your destination fast.

  • Compare airfare rates across an entire region.

    If you’re still not sure what tropical country to spend your holiday season in, simply search “flights to Asia” (or any warm region you have in mind) and then click the ‘Flights’ tab right below the search box. You’ll then be shown a map of the region alongside airfare rates to each specific city. With such info at hand, you can readily compare costs and filter the options by the duration of flights, by type of airline you prefer, and even by the amount you’re willing to shell out.

google flights

  • Explore random yet enticing travel ideas.

    In Google Flights, pick a departure spot then click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  This will let you see potential travel destinations that could give you the proverbial “light bulb” moment. Google determines the location based on your search history alongside what’s popular on search trends within the past few weeks and months. Quite a handy tool when you’re bitten by wanderlust and itching to see unexplored corners of the globe.

A Mobile-Friendly Site

Google Flights will greatly help globetrotters on-the-go. Unfortunately, Flights does not have a stand-alone mobile app at this time. They are making the mobile site a bit easier to use, though, by letting you keep tabs on saved flights.

With the much-improved Google Flights and their recent launch of Google Trips, the tech giant is carving a niche for itself in the travel market.