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HelloTech Provides Free In-Home Support For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Customers!

hellotech galaxy note 8

Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 and, of course, caution is foremost on many people’s minds. Considered as Samsung’s comeback device after the Galaxy Note 7, many are curious if the Note 8 is indeed a safer product. Samsung has addressed these concerns by announcing that they have taken extra measures against overheating and other dangers. Additionally, they packed the Note 8 with a lot of upgrades.


Samsung has partnered with HelloTech to show customers that they are serious in providing support.

Whenever users have questions about the new Note 8, HelloTech professionals will come to them.

Whether they are at their offices, at home, or wherever – an expert will be there to provide assistance.

Reviving the Note Line

The popularity of the Samsung Note 7 crashed and burned. Literally. When it first came out, it was well received as usual. After all, it was the most recent phablet flagship. Not long after though, reports started pouring in about the Note 7s exploding during charging. Samsung soon made the decision to recall a bunch of the device and then abandon it.

In the aftermath, the announcement of the Note 8 came somewhat as a surprise. Many people believed that the Note line will be discontinued altogether after the Note 7 fiasco. Samsung, however, believes that they can make a better and safer Galaxy Note device.


Samsung also surveyed their customers, those who got the chance to own a Note 7. In an interview with the company’s head of product strategy, Justin Denison, it was revealed that eight of ten people actually said they “love” the phone. Denison stated that “Samsung pursues innovation, and we stumbled.” He further added, “We accepted it, we learned from it, we’ve applied processes and we’ve had quite a bit of success in recovering from that.”

Extra Steps for a Safer Note 8

So what makes the Note 8 a safer smartphone? A device unlikely to explode? Well, Samsung made sure that the phone’s battery undergoes a series of rigorous tests. They call these tests the “8-Point Battery Safety Check“. The process was put in place to reassess each step of the Note 8’s manufacturing process.

According to Samsung, the safety check involves extreme testing. Every part of the battery is checked, inside and out. There is also an X-ray inspection and then inspection by human eye. All of which ensures that the battery won’t overheat and cause damage to the device or its users. This shows just how Samsung is committed to creating a safe and feature-rich smartphone.

8-Point Battery Safety Check

What exactly does the 8-Point Battery Safety Check entail? First, Samsung enhanced their Durability Test. They increased their battery testing frequency. Plus, they conduct nail puncture tests and overcharging tests. Extreme temperature stress tests are also part of the picture.

A screenshot from Samsung’s 8-Point Battery Safety Check page.

The second and third part of the safety check is all about the charge/discharge and TVOC (Total Volatile and Organic Discharge). The former involves large-scale testing and the latter ensures that there will be no battery leakage. Visual and X-ray Inspections are also part of the 8-point check.

Samsung testers check each device visually using a strict guideline of objective and standardized criteria. As for the X-ray inspection, it is basically done to determine if there are any abnormalities inside the battery.

That covers 5 parts of the 8-point safety check so far. The remaining three include Accelerated Usage Test, Disassembling Test, and Open-Circuit Voltage Test. Samsung runs simulations of accelerated consumer usage scenarios. They also disassemble the battery at some point. This enables checking of the battery’s overall quality, including insulation and battery tab welding. Lastly, they also check any voltage changes throughout the whole Note 8 manufacturing process – from the component level to the complete device.

All of these assure that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will satisfy its owner and guarantee user’s safety as well.

HelloTech Provides Added Support

Samsung announced that soon-to-be-owners of the new Note 8 in the US will enjoy free 60-day Samsung Premium Care service. A great deal considering that when you purchase the care service from the Samsung website, it costs $11.99 per month. It covers light support and assistance when there is damage.

To drive home Samsung’s commitment to providing a safer smartphone, they are partnering with HelloTech. Consumers will receive in-home support from HelloTech professionals. This means that whenever they have questions about the device, they can all an expert. Said expert will visit them wherever they are, whether at home or even if they are in a cafe.

HelloTech provides top-notch service

Tech support will help them understand how to use their Note 8 better. They will also assist in terms of software installation, in improving device security, feature demos, and more. To take advantage of in-home support, customers will still have to access the Samsung Premium Care site. Once a visit is arranged, a highly knowledgeable HelloTech professional will come knocking.

This service is also free for the first couple of months. Normally, in-home support costs from $50 to $200 depending on the level of assistance provided. After the first two months are up, Note 8 owners will still be able to enjoy HelloTech support and the rest of the Premium Care Package services for an affordable $11.99 per month.

Other Note 8 Upgrades

Aside from the enhanced battery and overall safety, the Note 8 received other upgrades. The device is also resistant to dust and water. This is especially great news for anyone who likes to go on adventures with their smartphones. And for anyone really who continues to use their phones in the bathroom or as a companion in the kitchen.

Now, many of you may be curious about the stylus. Fans of the S-pen will be happy to know that it is now even better. You can jot down notes with it more easily for one thing. Additionally, it has enhanced pressure sensitivity. The stylus’ tip is finer too.

24GALAXY2 master675

Fans Await the Note 8 Eagerly

Samsung’s word about hundreds of people eagerly awaiting the Note 8 does have weight. The survey company, SurveyMonkey, also did their own research into the matter. According to the 1,000 Americans they polled, about 64% are still confident about the reliability of Samsung phones.

Including the Samsung Note 8. About 27% of the respondents also said they are more than willing to buy the Note 8 despite what happened to the Note 7.


A tech analyst from Creative Strategies, Carolina Milanesi, also weighed in on the matter. Milanesi notes that the survey data just proves that Note customers are some of the “fiercest of Samsung’s fan base”. She also added that the disappointment directed towards the Note 7 is not entirely because they were exploding, but because there wasn’t a readily available replacement.

Now that the Note 8 will be available, fans of the Note series are expected to line up for the phone. Their excitement and anticipation will be rewarded with a phone that provides the things many have come to love from the Note line – a large screen, stylus, and high performance. This time around, the phone is a lot safer as well.

Look Forward to the Galaxy Note 8

The Note 8 is expected to hit the stores this September 15. With an improved battery and enhanced safety, plus all the new nifty features, we’ll soon have a gorgeous and excellently performing phone in the phablet market. Add to that the added support from HelloTech professionals and the wide range of assistance from the Samsung Care package. There is indeed a lot to look forward to with the Samsung Note 8.

Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments!

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