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What New Consumer Electronics Were Revealed at CES this Year?


More than 175,000 people attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year. There was an amazing display of gadgets and new tech developments. These are the highlights.

1) LG introduced their new OLED TV

The next generation of LG televisions is here, and it is stunning! The new Signature OLED TV W wowed everyone with its unbelievable 2.5 mm slimness. This is incredible considering many smartphones today, including the iPhone 7, have around 7 mm thickness. This TV, however, is super slim, and it will soon grace many living rooms across the US.

The Signature boasts 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR for amazing picture quality. Plus, it has a magnetic mounting system, which makes it very easy to mount on your wall. It comes with a sound bar, too, containing offloaded components. Overall, this TV’s design is bound to take the television industry to a whole new level.

2) Samsung unveiled their QLED TV range

Samsung didn’t let themselves be outshined by LG during the CES. Anyone who loves thin and high-definition televisions will be glad to know that Samsung’s QLED range is here and these TVs are getting excellent reviews. You may have heard of the SUHDs. Well, those are now old news as the QLEDs take over the position of Samsung’s flagship TVs.

The QLED range introduced during the show included the Q7 (curved and flat screen versions), Q8C (curved), and Q9F (flat). These come in four sizes: 55”, 65”, 75” and 88”.

3) Alexa will soon be everywhere

Amazon has been making waves in the virtual assistant market with Alexa. The AI can help homeowners manage their household devices and, as such, has become really popular among people who are into smart homes.

Amazon Echo, one of the many devices that will be integrating with Alexa.
Amazon Echo, one of the many devices that will be integrating with Alexa.

During the week-long technology convention, Alexa was quite the star. Amazon introduced many more devices that can be integrated with it, signaling that the virtual assistant will soon be everywhere. Soon, you will be able to activate via voice various speakers, TVs, lamps, home appliances, and even cars.

4) Numerous smartphone launches were announced

It has become commonplace to see a lot of new smartphones during the CES, and the recently concluded 2017 show wasn’t any different. Asus introduced a handset that can use virtual and augmented reality and Google’s Project Tango 3D technology. LG, GTE, and Huawei also revealed their upcoming flagship smartphones, all of which are oozing with new high-tech features.

Qualcomm also announced their new processor, Snapdragon 835, which will soon make smartphones operate even faster. It is smaller in size than the previous generations, but more effective. The processor is designed to support functions such as machine learning, VR, biometric security, and high-resolution video capture. It will also help increase battery life.

5) Nvidia aims to revolutionize PC gaming with GeForce Now

Most desktop computer games these days are graphics-heavy. Play them on a PC with mid-to-low-end graphics card and you’ll suffer through lags. Nvidia is addressing this problem through the GeForce Now. They claim to be able to host games on their own servers soon. All that a player has to do then is stream the game much like a video.

What this means is that soon, you might not need to have a high-end PC with an excellent graphics card to play modern games. Internet bandwidth may prove a difficulty, but Nvidia will continue looking at this and promised to create a workable solution.

6) IoT (Internet of Things) products were everywhere

This year’s CES saw a lot of interconnected smart devices. One of which is the Norton Core WiFi Router. It functions as a router and a network security gadget in one. All IoT gadgets connected to it will be protected from internet-related attacks.

The Norton Core Router and IoT security
The Norton Core Router and IoT security

Ring, famous for their video doorbells, also introduced their Floodlight Cam and, yes, it can be connected to the internet. It is also equipped with a camera to help improve your property’s security.

Other IoT products of note are the multi-factor biometric fusion engine for smartphones created by Synaptics, the Secure Home Gateway device by Arris, and the VeriMark Fingerprint Key from Kensington.

There is also the smart remote from Sevenhugs, which promises to give users better control of all their interconnected gadgets.

7) Virtual reality advancements

Another tech to look forward to during the CES is virtual reality. This year, the floor space dedicated to VR products did not disappoint. Many companies showcased their shiny new headsets and accessories, along with a wide range of VR content. Vive, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift were especially active at highlighting their new hardware.

Vive VR gear

8) Smart gadgets for parents and babies

CES showed us that the tech market will soon have more options for parents. Some of the interesting products that were unveiled during the show include Hatch Baby’s smart diaper changing pad (which doubles up as a tracker for an infant’s health), Project Nursery’s high-definition baby monitor system, Willow’s smart breast pumps, and Bloomlife’s smart pregnancy tracker.

Conclusions from CES

Overall, the 2017 CES was a success. It was one week of fun and excitement for all tech enthusiasts. A wide range of great inventions and new products were introduced, most of which we will be seeing in the market soon.

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