How to Get WiFi on a Plane

how to get wifi on a plane

Most major airlines offer an in-flight WiFi connection. Of course, the availability depends on the airline you’re flying with and on which flight you’re on. You can surf the web for a price, but some airlines offer free internet access, too. Here’s how to get WiFi on a plane, a list of the major airlines that offer WiFi service, and their corresponding prices.

Alaska Airlines

You can get secure in-flight WiFi with Alaska Airlines through a service called Gogo ATG4. Their airline WiFi is available on all their routes over North America except Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The coverage is available while flying over the continental US, Canada, and parts of Alaska.

Alaska Air coverage
(Image Source: Alaska Airlines)

To use of this offer, simply connect to the Gogo WiFi while on board, go to, and choose a pass option. With Alaska Airlines, you can get inflight WiFi for as low as $6.

American Airlines

American Airlines offers inflight WiFi for select domestic flights. This is available for as low as $10. However, if you fly a lot within a month, you may want to purchase their monthly plan instead for only $49.95. You can buy inflight WiFi in advance or when you are on the plane via Gogo or Viasat.

To connect to Gogo, simply go to For AA Inflight, go to


Delta claims to be the largest provider of in-flight WiFi, as nearly all Delta flights have an in-flight internet connection thanks to Gogo. You can purchase a 24-hour flight pass for as low as $16, and you may do so before your flight or on board through their website.


One of the many things JetBlue is really proud of is Fly-Fi, their very own WiFi service that offers free internet access on all its flights over the contiguous US, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Jet Blue Wifi coverage map
(Image Source: Jet Blue)

Simply connect your device to their WiFi provider, and you’re all set. That’s free surfing, streaming, browsing, and so much more for all their passengers.

Air Canada

You can use in-flight WiFi with Air Canada before or during your flight with Gogo. Currently, Air Canada offers faster WiFi on select Carribean, North American, and other international flights.

Their WiFi service is available starting at $6.50 (CAD). Air Canada also offers monthly plans at $65.95 (CAD).

United Airlines 

You can enjoy United WiFi, United Airlines’ WiFi service, in the US, Canada, parts of Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe, depending on which of the four WiFi providers your UA flight aircraft is equipped with.

United Airlines how to get wifi on a plane
(Image Source: United)

A United WiFi monthly or yearly subscription starts at $49, and it should be purchased before your flight through their website.

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