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iOS 13 Will Feature Dark Mode, Multi-Window, New Standard Gestures, App Upgrades, and More

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With iOS 13 well on its way, many new features will soon enhance the iPhone’s user interface.

This June, during the WWDC, Apple is set to announce the latest iteration of its operating system and officially introduce iOS 13. This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held in California and will reveal the latest updates for iPhones and iPads. 

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With iOS 13 well on its way, many new features will soon enhance the iPhone’s user interface.

The iPhone 11 may not be coming with a significant upgrade in its internal hardware, but the software side could be getting a ton of welcome changes. With regards to the new iOS, there are leaks and rumors about a fresh new layout for the home screen and a dark mode option that would be made available to a whole range of Apple devices. Simply put, all features that were not included in the iOS 12 update are going to make its way into iOS 13.

The previous release focused on making the operating system more stable, which paved the way for developers to offer visual redesigns and improvements on its user interface for the upcoming update. Navigation is expected to be getting a considerable improvement as well.

Thanks to 9to5Mac, there are now more details about iOS 13 coming from reliable sources who have worked closely with the Apple development team.

Dark Mode

The iPhones and iPads will soon officially have their Dark Mode setting, a feature that is already enjoyed by users of macOS. A comfortable setting to enable if users choose to do so, Dark Mode is expected to go system-wide with an option to set a high contrast.

Multi-tasking with Multi-window

The Multi-window feature will allow users to open different windows that can be detached. The design follows a card-based system where you can drag each window and treat them as a card. This interface allows users more freedom to move around the screen, rearranging stacked cards or dismissing them.

Undo and Redo Gestures

Currently, the standard gesture to perform an undo action is to shake your iPhone or iPad device. It’s an action that requires a bit more effort and a lot less grace. The new iOS 13 handles this by creating a new interactive standard for performing an undo or redo action.

Users on the iPad can tap their screen using three fingers and slide to the left. Doing that will perform the undo action. Sliding to the right will trigger a redo action.

These new gestures are expected to be explained upon the user’s first use of the keyboard.

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iOS 13 will also be getting a ton of updates for its different apps.

Improved Apps

  • Siri will sometimes pick up sounds that it shouldn’t, so it will be getting improved detection for background noises.
  • The Mail app will get a smart upgrade by allowing users to set categories for their emails. Whether it’s business, marketing, personal, or unimportant, users can select categories to make it easier to search through their emails.
  • The volume’s head-display will no longer be as obtrusive as it will be getting a long-overdue face-lift.
  • The Reminders app will be getting an overhaul to improve productivity, and this update will also reflect in macOs.

iOS 13 is coming with a lot of people’s expectations already set at a high level. There may be more leaks on the way, but already we’re seeing loads of new features and improvements positioned to make iOS13 a big hit.

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