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Microsoft is Deviously Scaring Windows 7 Users to Upgrade to Windows 10 Sooner

Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 7 users, be warned: Microsoft strongly advises you to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately or else…

… you’ll be in a whole lot of danger.

We previously talked about whether users should migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10. While we think the operating system (OS) still has a few good years left in it, we recognize that moving on to the latest platform may be inevitable. Although it’s clear that everyone will eventually have to part ways with the well-loved OS, it seems Microsoft just can’t wait for people to make the switch any longer.

In an unprecedented move, Microsoft published a brash post warning Windows 7 users about the perils of patronizing the aging OS. The controversial article was initially published on the official Microsoft Newsroom, though it was removed later on for unknown reasons.

Scaremongering Tactics?

The bizarre post goes into detail on how Windows 7 suffers from serious flaws, including hardware restrictions and security deficiencies.

“Today, [Windows 7] does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high-security requirements of IT departments,” warns Markus Nitschke, a Windows Marketing and Business Lead at Microsoft Germany.

The article then repeated with greater emphasis the fact that all support for the platform is ending real soon. It certainly sounded like Microsoft meant business this time.

A Flawed Windows OS

Originally written in German, the post then proceeded to attack Windows 7’s vulnerabilities. It cited how the platform is pretty much susceptible to cyber attacks because of its “long-outdated security architectures”. It even stressed that sticking with the old OS would cost businesses higher overheads because of compatibility and reliability concerns.

The write-up then warned that manufacturers are already turning their backs on the aging OS, actively stopping driver support as we speak. The newest chipsets from Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm are incompatible with it, too. Meaning, Windows 7 machines may be doomed to suffer slow speeds and sluggish performances with no chance at to upgrade to Windows 10.

Curiously, all these sharp criticisms of the platform came straight from the guys working at Microsoft.

So should we just heed these warnings and ditch our all-time favorite Windows OS sooner? Before you do, let’s separate truth from fiction first, shall we?

The Ugly Truth

Frankly, this was a really unnecessary move on Microsoft’s end. It almost seemed like they tech giant was making a spectacle of itself just so you’d upgrade to Windows 10 sooner. Fortunately, we know better.

Let’s take a closer look at all of Microsoft’s warning regarding the aging OS:

  1. It’s true that Windows 7 doesn’t support the latest Intel, AMS, and Qualcomm chipsets. The reason? Microsoft opted to make the OS incompatible with the latest chip upgrades in an effort to push users to move to Windows 10. This has never been done before in previous Windows upgrades, by the way.
  2. Tech experts report that there is no evidence to Microsoft’s claim that hardware and software companies no longer support Windows 7. Their assertion makes little sense considering that Windows 7 still holds the biggest market share among desktop operating systems worldwide at present.
  3. Windows 10 is arguably better in the area of security, but its predecessor is no pushover either. Windows 7 remains to be a very secure OS if users constantly update it with the latest security patches. Microsoft is deliberately putting an end to such crucial support.
  4.  All security updates won’t be cut off until January 14, 2020. Although we’re no longer getting free non-security updates and free phone and online support for two years now, our machines haven’t bogged down luckily. That’s just a testament to Windows 7’s overall stability, don’t you think?

Why Microsoft is Nagging Users to Upgrade to Windows 10

While Microsoft’s incessant nagging feels a little off-putting, it’s getting more obvious that they’re desperate to push more people to embrace Windows 10 following the mixed responses to it. Although there may still be a grain of truth to their warnings, keep in mind that the brand wants to achieve greater revenue via native advertising and the Windows Store. Having you and everybody else use their latest OS would be crucial to them realizing that goal.

It’s undeniable that the Washington-based company aims for greater control on privacy, updates, and profits. It also wouldn’t want to miss its target of one billion Windows 10 converts by 2018. But since Windows 7 pretty much works for most of us desktop users, Microsoft’s ambitions will have to wait.

At the end of the day, don’t let Microsoft’s fear-mongering scare you from continuing to use the most popular Windows OS to date. It may very well continue to serve you just fine in the next few years, after all—guaranteed.

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