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How to Play Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video on Your TV


Watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video on a laptop is a delightful experience to many, but the novelty factor wears off after a while. What’s actually more enjoyable is viewing all the amazing content on the big screen in your living room. Here are ways you can stream content offered by these video services to your TV.

Smart TV

Just as smartphones offer more than the basic call-and-text functionality, a smart TV goes beyond what the traditional television set does by offering advanced features, including streaming video. Netflix and Amazon are staple selections in the home screen/menu of smart TVs. Simply connect your smart TV to the Internet, register it to the service of your choice, and sit back and enjoy!

Digital Media Player

If Internet capability isn’t integrated with your television, you can make use of digital media players to play content from Netflix and Amazon. Popular players include Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. Setting up one is as easy as plugging it on, turning it on, setting up the Wi-Fi connection, and browsing content.

Direct Computer-to-TV Connection

Assuming you have an HDMI cable ready, you can stream Netflix and Amazon content to your TV by connecting it directly to your computer. This works by making your television act as your computer’s extended monitor, which means you get to access the Web interface in its entirety instead of the simplified versions offered by smart TVs and digital media players.

Game Consoles

Like smart TVs, video game consoles these days are more than just machines for playing video games; they’ve expanded their functionality by integrating with other media. As such, the latest generation of consoles (Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One) come with Netflix and Amazon Instant Video streaming.

There are several methods to stream videos to your television. Factors that influence your decision making include your budget, viewing habits, and the devices you already own.

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