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Quick Fixes to 6 Common Problems with the Galaxy S8

problems with the galaxy s8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is earning rave reviews. It isn’t every day you get a phone that offers outstanding performance without compromising in the design department. And the immersive Infinity Display? Spectacular. While Samsung’s latest handset continues to impress, some users, though, have reported issues concerning the phone. Luckily, Samsung hasn’t wasted any time addressing such problems with the Galaxy S8 through its Premium Care service (in partnership with HelloTech and Dish).

A few of the problems with the Galaxy S8 that users have encountered can be fixed with small tweaks, fortunately. Here are some of the issues we’ve seen on Samsung Galaxy S8 along with tips on how to fix them:

Erratic Wireless Charging

We’ve seen a number of S8 owners come out and say that their phone fails to charge wirelessly. Some handsets, they say, don’t even charge with certain charging pads. They have even tried rebooting their device, but still experience problems with the Galaxy S8 wireless charging feature.

Quick Fix

It may appear that the Galaxy S8 doesn’t pair well with older wireless charging units. Sure, they are supposed to be compatible, but the phone’s receiver can’t connect well with the charging pads. For the meantime, we recommend you power up your device using newer wireless charging pads while Samsung works on a definite solution to what appears to be a hardware issue.

Disabled Quad HD Screen Resolution

Because Samsung’s flagship phone lets you run the screen using different resolutions, some users find themselves watching video clips with only an average pixel density. A few have expressed annoyance at the fact that that they have to go back and forth between screen resolutions often.

Quick Fix

We all know the Galaxy S8 comes with an awesome quad-HD display. Meaning, you can readily set the screen to run with that setting every time. Simply access Settings > Display > Screen Resolution. From there, you’ll see a slider that lets you choose HD+, FHD+, or WQHD+ resolutions and for the sharpest possible visuals, push the blue toggle all the way to the right. Now, you’re set!

Wi-Fi Connectivity Dropout

For some reason, users are seeing their S8’s wireless connection inexplicably dropping out. While the signal eventually comes back for no apparent reason, it’s unacceptable that one of the best smartphones on the market suffers occasional Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

Quick Fix

As a start, go to Settings > Backup > and then tap Reset Network Settings. If this doesn’t solve the problem, reboot your handset (hold down the button found on the right side of your Galaxy S8). Based on reports, Samsung has announced that it found a fault with the way the phone communicates with wireless networks. They’ll consequently roll out a software update to fix this connectivity concern soon.

Inability to Do Soft Reset

It rarely happens, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 can freeze for a couple of reasons. Running a bad app, turning on too many apps simultaneously, and other similar scenarios may cause your phone to bog down. Without the services of the home button or any other keys to force a response from the handset, what can you do in such cases?

Quick Fix

Well, you can hold down the power button on the right side of the handset. You’d then be shown a couple of power options, including Restart. Tap that option twice to confirm the action. If your S8 is absolutely unresponsive, though, hold the power button a little longer (10 seconds or more) so the phone resets and shuts down. Once you turn the device back on, you should be able to use the device like the usual.

Sound Distortion on Wet S8 Speaker

You should know that Samsung Galaxy S8 has an IP68 rating so it can withstand being submerged in water. People have said on forums, though, that they seem to notice a cracking sound (or some sort of sound distortion) when they resume playing audio on the phone after it gets wet.

Quick Fix

For starters, read our guide on what to do when your phone gets wet. Remember your immediate goal after dropping your device in water is to dry it off (completely, if possible). While you’re at it, try not to use the speakers for an hour or two. Most users who have encountered a similar issue notice an improvement in terms of the S8’s audio after letting their smartphone dry out.

Limited Aspect Ratio

As massive as the Galaxy S8’s screen is, it comes with an unconventional aspect ratio of 18.5:9. Sure, everything looks bigger on the phone. Most apps, however, are designed to display on screens with the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. That’s why owners see slim black bars on either side of the screen when viewing an app in landscape mode.

Quick Fix

Swipe up from the home screen to open your Settings app. Look for the Display menu option, tap it, and scroll down. You should see the Full Screen Apps option, where you’ll see a list of apps you can automatically stretch to full screen. Select the ones you want to be viewed in that setting.

In case professional intervention is necessary to fix your beloved Samsung Galaxy S8, make use of the tech giant’s Premium Care service—that is if you’re in the U.S. The service even includes an in-person setup so you can be taught of the phone’s many, powerful features and be sure they’re all running just fine.

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