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The Samsung Galaxy Fold: The First of Its Generation, But Is It the Best?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a foldable display, which is a first for mobile devices. (Image Source: Samsung)

With its ability to change from a phone to a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has garnered a lot of attention ever since the Korean tech company introduced it. When Samsung presented this as one of its latest devices during this year’s Unpacked Event, nobody was allowed to get their hands on it.

Now that reviews are coming in, everyone is wondering if the innovative design is worth the nearly $2,000 price tag.

Samsung Galaxy phone tablet
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a foldable display, which is a first for mobile devices. (Image Source: Samsung)

The Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung was originally planning for a release date in April, but the company has delayed the launch due to concerns about the durability of its screen. But some folks have already gotten ahold of the device, and they’ve had the pleasure to experience all the latest and exciting features of the gadget.


  • Impressive folding display feature
  • Can run 3 apps at the same time
  • Great camera quality
  • Long battery life


  • Highly expensive
  • Screen durability issues
  • The crease may be distracting to users
  • Small front display

The Foldable Design

The most notable and innovative feature of the Galaxy Fold is, of course, its foldable design.
The dual-axis hinge is made of 20 parts, which makes unfolding it feel as smooth and natural as opening a book. However, when it is folded back, you can see a little dip in the middle of the screen. That is due to the screen not folding completely flat.

Samsung galazy fold hinge
Samsung says they tested the hinge of the Galaxy Fold 200,000 times (Image Source: Samsung)

How Durable is the Samsung Fold?

Several reviewers have expressed concern about the durability of the phone’s hardware. Their top concerns have been with broken and malfunctioning screens.

Some reviewers said the screen would start flickering for no reason. There were also reports that the screen was easily damaged by early users. Some mistook the thin uppermost layer of the display as a screen protector. Many of these reviewers peeled it off, which resulted in the screen breaking. It turned out to be a protective layer that was supposed to stay on top of the gadget’s display.

Due to the negative feedback about the Galaxy Fold, Samsung decided to delay its launch to ensure that its latest innovative device would have stronger protection for its display. They also intend to improve the guidelines for handling the gadget.

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Two Screens and a Crease

The front screen of the Galaxy Fold is narrow and, despite being 4.6 inches, you may feel that it is too small because of its slim appearance. It may be great for checking your notifications or playing your music, but not ideal for typing due to the limited screen size.

However, the 7.3-inch main display offers you a lot more once it is unfolded. The tablet features a Super AMOLED screen, which displays sharp and vibrant colors. The screen is excellent for watching movies or playing games. However, there are also downsides, such as the noticeable crease in the middle of the display. It is especially noticeable when using apps that have a white background. While it is not necessarily ugly, it is visible, and it can be distracting for users.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Crease
The crease of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is quite noticeable when it unfolds–which can be distracting to users. (Image Source: Android Central)

Running Three Apps at the Same Time

Samsung collaborated with Google to create some new features for users to take advantage of the gadget’s foldable design. This includes the App Continuity feature, which allows you to run an app on the front display and then continue to run it on the interior screen when laid flat.

Another smart addition is the Multi-Active Window, which enables you to open and run three apps at the same time on its big inner screen. You have to swipe on the right side of the screen to be able to open new apps. These apps can then be re-sized on the screen and moved around as well.

Samsung Galaxy Fold App Continuity
The Galaxy Fold allows you to drag and drop application windows (Image Source: Samsung)

Excellent Camera Quality

Three cameras can be found on the back of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, just like the S10 Plus. There’s a 12MP (megapixel) wide-angle camera, a 16MP ultra-wide lens camera, and a 12MP telephoto lens. When entirely laid out, a dual-camera with a 10MP primary and an 8MP depth camera for portraits are both available. When folded, a 10MP camera is accessible, which is fantastic for selfies.

How Well Does It Perform?

The device features a Snapdragon 855 processor, similar to what the Galaxy S10 phones contain. But what separates the Galaxy Fold from Samsung’s previous products is its 12GB RAM, which keeps it from lagging when it comes to juggling between apps.

When it comes to battery life, the Galaxy Fold does not disappoint. It has a large capacity that can last for hours, even if you use the phone for different purposes. It doesn’t matter if you are watching videos, snapping photos, listening to music, or playing games, the battery can handle it all.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has impressive features that any user can enjoy. But, despite the positive aspects, there are also some downsides. For one, the durability is a primary concern, considering the high price of the product. It remains to be seen how soon Samsung can make the needed improvements before the new launch.


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