What to Expect from the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review (Image Source: Samsung)

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy line. To celebrate, the Korean tech giant has unveiled the newest offering from their flagship line. Its latest and greatest is not designed to be a radical offering, but it does not scrimp on innovation either. The company has promised that if you loved their previous Galaxy series offerings, you will have plenty to be excited about with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Galaxy S10 Plus General Specs

  • 6.4-inch screen size
  • 8GB and 12GB RAM options
  • 12GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options
  • 512GB micro USB
  • 4,100 mAh battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • 6.17 ounces
  • 6.2 x 2.91 x 0.3 inches in dimension
  • 16MP and 12MP rear camera
  • 10MP and 8MP front camera

Galaxy S10 Plus Hardware

galaxy s10 highlight kv l 1
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review (Image Source: Samsung)

A review of any new smartphone device must start with the build quality and hardware. When it comes to this department, Samsung does not fail to impress, as always. Since the Galaxy S range was introduced in 2010, it has set a new standard for smartphones in terms of build quality. This line has also introduced a new standard in basic features such as the 6.4-inch curved AMOLED screen, fingerprint scanner, dual-selfie cameras, and the glass and aluminum case.

The front and back material feels solid in the hands. In comparison to the Google Pixel handsets, which are about the same price as the Galaxy S10 Plus, you will discover that the Samsung device is superior in terms of build. It does not introduce a lot of innovative features, but instead offers a refined version of what was previously available.

The smaller bezels in the display of the device are also worth noting. It feels like you have more screen for media consumption. Aside from the size, there are two display options now available for Galaxy S10 Plus users: Vivid and Natural. Natural is the default setting, while Vivid elevates the color and oversaturates the images.

In terms of size, this smartphone isn’t something you can quickly put inside your pocket. But the dual curved edges will give it a nice feel in the hands such that it is easy to grip and handle. The overall design of the device is elegant and refined.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera

The camera has always been one of the most robust features for Samsung devices, notably the Galaxy range. This device is the only one in the S10 range that offers dual front-facing cameras. It can also shoot Live Focus selfies. That gives you more flexibility in terms of shooting selfies so you can achieve artistic styles and adjust background blur.

While the Live Focus might seem like a standard for modern smartphones, Samsung decided to add new features like “Colour Point,” “Spin Bokeh,” and “Zoom Bokeh” for more personalization. All of these new features are designed to elevate what you were able to do with the camera, especially if you want to take striking selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S10
A comprehensive look at Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Image Source: Samsung)

The ultra-wide feature is the highlight of the camera available to the Galaxy S10 Plus. Activating the 0.5 x zoom is helpful when trying to shoot architecture and skyscrapers. There is no need to retreat further to fit the subject into the camera frame.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Performance

One of the most compelling new features available in the device is the One UI interface. This feature is designed to overcome the headache of using the expansive display that the gadget has. All elements of the user interface are easily accessible on the lower third of the touchscreen. This feature is comparable to the Reachability feature that Apple included in their devices in the past.

The impressive 4,100mAh battery cell is also worth a mention. This battery is more substantial than what’s in use for the Galaxy Note 9, despite the considerably larger size of the latter to the Galaxy S10 Plus. This was a practical decision to deliver long battery life to this new device, even with heavy use. If you don’t use your phone a lot, expect up to one and a half days of usage between charges.

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Features and performance of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Image Source: Samsung)

The Wireless PowerShare is another unique feature you can expect to find in the Galaxy S10 Plus. With it, you can power up any device capable of wireless charging.

Release Date and Pricing

Samsung is undoubtedly drumming up excitement for the release of the Galaxy S10 Plus. For those who are excited to get their hands on this handset, you’re in luck as the Galaxy S10 Plus is now on sale.
You have a few options available for this new device. The 8GM RAM model with 128GB of storage is available at $999. You can also pre-order the model with 512GB storage for $1,249 or the 1TB storage for $1,599.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Pros

  • It boasts of the impressive Infinity-O display.
  • It is the fastest Android phone in the market, thanks to the Snapdragon 855 processor.
  • It offers excellent camera features and photo quality.
  • It offers an extra-long battery life.
  • It enables you to charge other phones and devices.
  • The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is easy to use and highly reliable.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cons

  • The punch holes on the display might be distracting or confusing for other users.
  • It is a pricey model and is comparable to other higher-end smartphones like the Google Pixel and iPhone X.
  • The gesture controls might be confusing to use at first.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus takes the idea of a powerful smartphone to new heights. There is nothing revolutionary or radical about this new release, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a great handset. It takes the same features that you loved about its predecessors and refined some of them. There is also less of the gimmicky features that were present in the past. Samsung opted for more functional features this time around.

While not inexpensive, it gives you an excellent bang for your buck. It delivers superior performance, fast processing, long battery hours, and impressive camera features to provide you with maximum value.