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How to Save on Your Cable Bill

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You may wonder why your cable bill is too high. It doesn’t matter which cable company you have, it’s all the same. Truth be told, it has always been like that to everyone, with bills constantly increasing every year. Cable providers don’t always put the needs of their subscribers first, so it’s up to us to find ways on cutting down on our monthly cable bills.

First, take a look at the extra costs and ask yourself: Do you really need those 100 extra channels? Is an HD cable box really that necessary, or can you put up with just a non-HD variant? Evaluate your bill, then call your cable service and ask to lower it. Regularly check up on them and see if they have any money-saving promotions.

They also don’t advertise it, but many cable companies offer a plan that bundles only the basic networks (such as NBC and FOX). Unless you’re a couch potato, you’re probably invested on just a few channels. So why pay for premium? There might be shows you’ll miss when you choose basic cable, but there are alternative ways to watch these shows.

Like in any relationship, sometimes you just have to break up when you just know it’s not going to work. If your experience as a subscriber to a cable company is generally bad, then it’s time to find a new one, especially if you’re no longer bound to a contract. Your content provider doesn’t even have to be a cable company; many of our favorite shows can be watched through web-based services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Heck, even YouTube probably has all the entertainment you’ll need.

Opportunities to cut cable expenses don’t always present themselves to you. That’s why you must take the extra time and effort to do some research. Don’t hesitate to call your cable company to renegotiate. They’d rather give you offers than lose you as a customer.

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