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How to Save Money On Ink for Your Printer


Like everyone else, you’ve likely experienced the most common printer-related problem: running out of ink. There you were printing a marvelous photo when the colors suddenly became messed up. Instead of just buying a new cartridge, you can save money on printer ink with these cost-effective tips.

To start with, learn to prioritize. Only make use of color ink for important photos and documents. Texts and secondary outputs should be printed in grayscale (black and white) setting and draft or fast mode. If possible, use soft copies for documents and only make a hard copy when the situation really calls for it. Also proofread and check for errors first, so you won’t have to reprint.

As for the cartridges, perform the occasional maintenance so their fluids don’t dry up and clog the nozzle plates. Even old and clogged cartridges can still be fixed by using hot water or with a vacuum, so don’t dispose of them just yet.  Some retailers also offer new cartridges at discount prices if you give them your used ones. Try to purchase cartridges in bulk if possible.

Top printer manufacturers disapprove their use, but third-party ink refills are relatively cheaper and allow the repeated use of the same cartridge. There are services that will refill your cartridge for you, but there are also kits available for do-it-yourself refills. Also, note that third-party inks don’t produce the same output quality as genuine inks do. Some may actually even cost you more money, so do take some time to research first before trying third-party inks.

Or maybe it’s also time to consider changing your printer. You’ll probably spend big at first, but you’ll be saving more money in the long run if you choose a brand and model with a low cost per page instead of ones with a low initial price. These are usually printers with long-lasting, high-capacity cartridges.

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