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How to Shop for a New Computer

new computer

Despite following tips on speeding up performance, you’ll find that an old computer just won’t cut it with modern, resource-heavy games and applications. You’ll eventually arrive at one conclusion: to buy a new computer. Read this buying guide to find out which machine is the best fit for your needs.

First, choose the right form factor by taking the activities you usually do with a computer into account. A tower-style desktop computer, for instance, is great for hardcore gaming and editing videos and photos. All-in-one desktops, or systems that include most components into one, convenient package, are good enough for general purposes at home or in the office. With fewer cables and clutter, they’re also more pleasing to the eye.

If you’re often on the road, you may want a portable computer. The most common type is a laptop, which offers the basic functionalities in a single unit. Larger laptops are even capable of completely replacing a desktop computer without sacrificing performance. If you spend most of your time on the Internet, consider choosing a Chromebook or netbook.  For movie consumption and casual gaming, a tablet computer is your best choice.

Next, figure out the components you want in your new computer. Avid collectors of movies, pictures, and music will want a hard drive with a large storage space. Multitaskers, on the other hand, should look out for systems with large amount of RAM. Other specifications to consider are the processor (the more cores and faster the clock speed, the better), available ports (SD, USB, HDMI, etc.), screen size, graphics card, and optical drive.

Once you’ve decided on a form factor and the specifications, browse for models within your budget. If you find a computer of your liking, check for critic and user reviews to know what others are saying about it. Also make sure it comes with a generous warranty for a peace of mind.

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