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Why Should You Switch to Smart Bulbs in Your Home?

Smart light bulbs

Countless innovations have emerged. Companies and manufacturers regularly unveil new gadgets and devices. Even houses are now seeing their fair share of high-tech improvements, one of which is the integration of smart bulbs. A smart bulb does not just improve the entirety of a house’s design, it also enhances the convenience enjoyed by homeowners.

Smart light bulbs

So, what are the advantages that smart home lighting can offer you? Why should you switch to these products today?

Top 5 Reasons Why Switching to Smart Bulbs Is a Great Choice

There are now so many smart home devices and options that it can be hard to decide where to begin.

Well, smart bulbs and smart lighting systems are a great foray into the space. Everyone knows those all too familiar feelings of inconvenience: “I have to get off the couch to turn off the lights, but I’m so comfortable!” or “Shoot, I think I left the lights on at home, but we’re gone for the weekend!” Installing smart bulbs let’s you control your lights from anywhere, whether you’re glued to the couch or boarding your plane. And they are some of the most straightforward smart home devices, with just the bulbs and your phone app required.

Here are the top reasons why you should switch to using smart bulbs:

You can control them from anywhere through your phone

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Controlling your smart lighting system through your smartphone.

Nearly all brands or models come with a mobile app, which can link to your smart home lighting system, giving you access and control over your lights even when you are away from home. You can turn your lights on and off while you are still at the office or running late at the grocery store. You can even set a schedule for your lights to automatically turn on and off each day.

You can adjust the brightness of your lights

Adjusting the brightness of your smart bulbs is among the tech’s standard features, unlike ordinary light bulbs which require you to install a dimmer switch in your home. All you have to do is press a few buttons on the mobile app. That’s it! You can set the mood without having to move. 

You can save both money and energy

There are smart light bulbs that have motion detection sensors. These bulbs only light up when they sense someone entering a room. Compared to the standard LED bulbs, these smart lights are remarkably energy-efficient.

You can play with the different colors available

Multiple colors are available.

Some smart light brands offer about 16 million color options for your bulbs. Play with the different hues and set all kinds of mood for your room. Through the app that comes with them, you can tap on the color wheel to select the light hue you like. The bulbs will illuminate accordingly.

You can enjoy more security

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Security cameras integrated with smart light bulbs.

Since these bulbs can link to other smart home devices, you can also integrate them with security cameras and security alarms. All you need to do is configure the bulbs to turn on automatically when an alert sounds. This acts as an excellent deterrent for opportunistic robbers and other malicious individuals, who will think you’re home and turning on the lights yourself.

Other Reasons Why You Should Switch to Smart Bulbs

Aside from the reasons already mentioned above, there are still more things that you can do with these fantastic smart-home products. Some examples are:

You can control your lights with your voice

One of the most innovative features of these bulbs is their voice control feature. You can pair your bulbs with virtual assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Apple’s HomeKit; then, you can directly command your lights to turn on or off.

You can sleep and wake up at desired times

Smart bulbs don’t just allow you to schedule when to turn them on and off automatically. These can also help you get better sleep at night. Some models allow you to adjust their color temperature or their light intensity. You can set your bedroom lights to automatically go dim and help you to sleep comfortably, and then turn on in the morning to wake you up at an appropriate time.

You can play music

If you aren’t amazed by these lighting products yet, then the fact that some of them come with built-in speakers might do the trick. How cool is a bulb that allows you to play music, right? Listen to your favorite songs wherever you are in the house. You might even want to get bulbs that change light colors to match the beat of the music.

You can trigger your lights with IFTTT (If This Then That)

Using the IFTTT protocol, you can turn your smart lights into your notification system for any alerts on the internet, such as receiving emails and Facebook notifications. You can set the lights to flicker when you receive any notifications on your social media accounts or on your smartphone.

What do you think about smart home lighting systems? Will you switch to smart bulbs in your home soon? If you need any help installing the apps, connecting the bulbs to WiFi, or learning how to use all the incredible features, the experts at HelloTech can help you out.

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