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What Are the Top Spring Cleaning Apps?

Essential spring cleaning materials
Essential spring cleaning materials

The Spring season is upon us and, like it or not, that means the obligatory “spring cleaning” chores are here too. Whether you’re a deep cleaner, a reluctant sweeper, or a serious procrastinator, there are now smartphone apps that can help you tackle your spring cleaning tasks with efficiency, thoroughness, and minimal pain.

Best Spring Cleaning Apps

Cleaning your home is not an easy task. Different rooms may need more attention and require more time to get into shape. If you have a big house, just get started can be a daunting task — where to begin and how?

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Smartphone apps for spring cleaning

So, here are some of the best cleaning apps you can install in your smartphone to help you get ready for spring:

Spring Cleaning Checklist

This app helps you set up a checklist for all the rooms in your house. You can add tasks while you are working on another. The application can help you be more efficient when cleaning each room. It’s free and available for download on your Android device.


Available for both iOS and Android, OurHome is an app that helps to encourage your kids to do chores and keep the house tidy. It lets you give your children rewards when they complete their tasks. You can set deadlines for each type of work assigned to your kids, and after they finished them, they will receive points which they can cash in as an allowance amount or a new toy. You can keep track of your children’s progress in doing their chores as well as set reminders and send messages when you sync the OurHome app with your family’s other smartphones or tablets.

OurHome app
A quick look at the OurHome app. (Image source: Google Play)

Unfilth Your Habitat

This is a paid app available for both iOS and Android users. It is for the lazy person with a messy home, and it is what you need to get motivated to clean your house. A little warning, though. It contains profanity. The app helps you break your tasks into smaller ones with a timer. Its options include 20 minutes of work with a 10-minute break or 45 minutes with a 15-minute break. Completing your work earns you trophy rewards.


You can download the APK for free on Android devices. It doesn’t just help you clean your house systematically; it also allows you to set reminders for the littlest tasks. Also, the FlyHelper app enables you to keep track of your life events and cleaning progress, whether it be daily or weekly. It also lets you divide your home into multiple cleaning zones.

Home Routines

With this app, you will be able to create cleaning checklists and schedule tasks for particular days. You can also set up alert notifications so you can stay on top of things. You will earn a gold star every time you complete a task. Additionally, the app lets you reset your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks automatically. Create Focus Zones and pick which one you want to clean first each day or once a month. This app is available for iOS users.


An app that helps you make cleaning less stressful and frustrating. It divides the house into different areas, which allows you to focus on tidying up one location at a time. You can also set routines in each of the zones, such as dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing, as well as set a time limit for each task. The time limit, though, may vary as there are zones that may take several hours of cleaning. (iOS)

Cleaning Checklist

Available on Google Play, this app allows you to organize the areas around your home. You can choose which task you want to finish first, then check it off the list. The app also gives you a countdown of each room task so you’ll be able to know which spot needs more cleaning.

Chore Checklist

This Android app lets you manage and organize your daily home routines. The application will record your completed chore it will calculate which tasks you should do next depending on your preferences.

Chore Checklist app for Android
Chore Checklist app for your cleaning needs. (Image source: Google Play)


Tody is for iOS users, and it features an indicator that points out the number of days a particular task is overdue. That can give you an indication of which part of the house needs cleaning asap. It’s a premium iOS app that helps you organize your household chore checklists and routines.

Chore Bank

Are you keen on getting your kids to help you with your spring cleaning tasks? Chore Bank is an excellent iOS app for you. You can set a list of tasks for your kids with a corresponding monetary reward, which you can give them upon satisfactorily completing a task. You can transfer the funds into your kid’s accounts virtually, and they can get these in cash later. You can also notify them about their next tasks through text messages using a chore calendar that you can download.

Motivated Moms Lite

This cleaning app is available as an APK for Android. Through this application, you can set tasks that you can do each day and even on a seasonal basis throughout the year. You can set tasks for other people as well and print out the list through the cloud printing feature available on the app.

Are you ready to clean your home this spring? Do you think these apps are what you need to motivate you? Which one do you think would be best for your needs in cleaning your home? 

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