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Why Your Smart TV and a Streaming Box Are a Perfect Match


To maximize your smart TV’s full potential, you might have to cut the cord.

A smart TV streams video content via smart TV apps by default. That’s fine as it is, but you may be missing out on the good stuff by not pairing it with a streaming media player. Here are 5 reasons every smart TV owners should get a streaming media box for their smart TVs.

Extend your TV’s service life.

When your smart TV is a few years old, it may no longer receive updates from the manufacturer. That’s probably because manufacturers only extend the most recent features and streaming abilities to the recent generation of smart TVs. In that case, your equipment won’t be working to its full potential.

You’d even think about replacing your TV altogether.

Smart TVs don’t come cheap, though. Instead of relying on manufacturer updates, use a streaming box. That should save you tons of cash because it isn’t wise throwing away a hefty amount on a smart TV every few years.

Enjoy faster updates.

Accessing an installed app and waiting for what seems like forever for it to update—there’s definitely NO fun in that! It’s a frustration that comes with owning a smart TV, though. Updating numerous apps on your smart TV can take hours, depending on your Wi-Fi connection’s speed.

You need not waste time on updates when you stream content via streaming media. They receive updates in the background so you won’t even be kept waiting.

Deal with less junkware.

You see a ton of extra features and settings on your smart TV, which you probably are never going to use. Those are a bunch of junkware and you often have to clear the clutter. This isn’t the case with streaming boxes. In fact, you can have a cleaner interface that’ll only show your favorite apps.

Watch limitless shows on demand.

Streaming boxes give you access to countless content and that is its main selling point. On the other hand, TV manufacturers have partnerships with content providers so your choices will be limited. What you can see on an LG smart TV may not be what you see on a Samsung smart TV. You don’t want your TV viewing experience to be limited, though.

For the most part, streaming media players aren’t limited to partnerships and its content not blocked by exclusivity. Pairing one with your smart TV ensures access to TV shows and films from various content providers.

Have better technology at your disposal.

A smart television is awesome in itself, but there might not be many extra features to go around with. It doesn’t help that navigating using its remote feels a little clunky most of the time. Conversely, streaming boxes come with cleverly designed remotes.

With a streaming media remote, you’ll likely see buttons dedicated to the most popular apps (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Video). Others even come with a built-in headphone jack so you can listen to audio from your smart TV without disturbing others in your household. Not to mention, their layout is a cinch to use.

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