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Use Technology To Make Your Vacation a Blast! Here’s How

vacation technology

You’re excited about your vacation. Looking forward to all of the beautiful spots you’ll soon visit.

But then anxiety creeps in. What if you get lost or miss your flight? You feel overwhelmed as well trying to plan out the most awesome itinerary. In no time, you are feeling stressed.

Breathe. Relax. There’s no need to feel frazzled. We live in a modern world where technology can make your life so much easier. Let today’s gadgets and applications help you. And plan your vacation like a boss!

Let technology help you have an unforgettable vacation!

Book Flights on the Web

Whether you only have your departure and return flights to book or a bunch of connecting flights, all you need is your computer and the internet. Simply visit the website of your chosen airline, pick the dates and flight times, and you are set. You can even pre-pay any extra luggage you’re checking in.

Also, you can buy an in-flight meal in advance or pre-select that coveted window seat.

Not only that, most airlines will notify customers via email or through an app once their flight is coming up. There’s also such a thing as online check-in, which considerably lessens time spent on queues. Flexible on your vacation dates? Use websites like Hopper to track flight fares. That way, you get to save money on airfare. Perhaps then you can splurge on water activities or souvenirs.

Book Accommodations Online

No need to call hotels one by one to find the best deal. All you have to do now is take full advantage of the internet. You can use your laptop or smartphone, whichever is most convenient. You can even pay for your bookings online. Then, your booking confirmation or voucher will be delivered to your email.

Once at the hotel, you can just flash that email and check in. Really that easy!

TripAdvisor, one of the many travel booking apps out there.

Great places to book accommodations online include Trip Advisor, Agoda, Airbnb, and more. No matter your budget, you are sure to find an excellent option by just browsing the internet. Want to make special requests? No problem. You can just email your chosen accommodation or reach out to them via social media. Want to talk with someone? There’s Skype or other VoIP apps for that. Feel free to request a non-smoking room or a vegan breakfast without the hassle.

Manage Your Itinerary Like a Boss

There was a time when travelers have to print itineraries, purchase maps, and deal with a lot of loose pages in order to be organized. But the printed stuff can easily get lost in all that trip flurry. So, a lot of people end up getting frustrated.

Thankfully, itineraries are so much easier to manage these days. You can go about your getaway with less fuss as long as you have your smartphone. You can use apps such as TripIt and Google Trips. These elevate itinerary management to a whole new level. What they do is check your email for relevant information. Things like flight dates, destinations, and hotels will be filtered. They will then be stitched into a cohesive itinerary, which definitely takes out the stress of remembering every crucial detail.

stress-free itinerary planning

These apps even suggest more activities in the area you are visiting. You will get a heads up if there’s a picture-worthy spot nearby. You can also easily check for neat food places or awesome parties. Depending on your preferences, these itinerary management apps will help you have a more memorable vacation!

Worried about these third-party applications combing through your email? Pro Tip: Create a separate for-travel-stuff-only email. Then, forward all of your bookings to that account. You can then connect your chosen itinerary app to that account. This should minimize the privacy issues you’re worried about.

Breach the Language Barrier

Finding yourself unable to find your hotel or order a meal because of language barrier can be super frustrating. Not to mention it can sour your holiday fast. But it’s not like you can master Indonesian right away before your trip to Bali or Dhivehi before that two-week holiday in Maldives. So what to do?

Want to take a photo with a local? Don’t be rude. Figure out how to ask politely using the local language.

Once again, smartphones come to the rescue. Just load up your mobile device with a top-notch translator app! iTranslate, TripLingo, or any of these applications will do excellently. You’ll have ready access to a bunch of useful phrases. Greet the locals and ask for directions more easily. Learn what the local dishes are called and order with confidence With the right translator in your pocket, travel communication won’t be such a frustrating or scary thing.

Figure Out Transportation and Never Get Lost

Even the traveler with zero sense of direction can now take advantage of GPS maps to find their way. Getting lost won’t be an issue anymore with turn-by-turn directions. Citymapper, Waze, and Google Maps, for example, are essential for any holidaymaker. Whether you are driving or doing a walking holiday, a GPS map on your phone will guide you.

Citymapper screenshot

When it comes to transportation, there are mobile apps that can help as well. Rail and subway applications are plenty. They tell you which stops to alight at and train timetables. They can also direct you to the exit closest to the attraction you wish to visit.

Want to travel around by taxi or car? There are now applications that allow you to hail a cab or rent a car wherever you are. You can also take advantage of ride sharing apps. You can then wait for your transportation at the comforts of your hotel or at a cafe. No need to take your chance on the streets where you might not get a ride. Transportation-wise, comfort and convenience are now in the palm of your hands.

Track Your Luggage

Even the most seasoned travelers will be frustrated when their luggage is lost. To make sure that you’ll enjoy peace of mind during your trip, make sure you know where your luggage is at all times. You can do so by attaching a Bluetooth tracker to your bag(s). This way, you’ll find it right away as it comes out on the luggage carousel. Luggage tracking technology (e.g. Tile) can also notify you of the location of your baggage if they do get lost in transit.

Socialize and Improve Your Safety

Traveling can be more satisfying if you meet new friends, especially among the locals. So why not use social media to your full advantage? Join communities and meet travel buddies. Or ask for insider tips. This is especially helpful if you like going off the beaten path or experiencing the local atmosphere to the fullest. Of course, social media is a great tool for sharing your adventure and those wonderful travel photos, too. Let your family and friends know you are safe and having the time of your life!

Join online travel communities. (Image Source: Slideshare)

Speaking of safety, today’s technology can be a huge help in this area, too. For example, you can download a smartphone tracking app. You can sync this with a family member or a friend’s phone. That way, someone you trust knows where you are and can provide support in case of an emergency.

Other Tech That Can Make Your Holiday More Memorable

You are bound to need entertainment during your trip. You might be asking why you’ll need to turn to technology for entertainment when you are supposed to be on a fun trip? Well, waiting for your flight or a long train ride can be boring. During these times, a good movie or book can fill the minutes. As such, your smartphone and an e-book reader (e.g Kindle) will come in handy. Prefer to listen to music? Make sure to bring noise-canceling earphones. These will drown out the noisy crowd at the airport, for example, leaving you to get pumped up while listening to your travel playlist.


Aside from all of that, make sure to download a currency converter. Get a bill splitter app as well if you’re traveling in a group. After all, who wants to fuss about conversion rates, tips, and how much each person will pay when you’re trying to enjoy your holiday? With these apps, money computations will be a breeze.

Last but not the least, ensure that you pack the necessities. Your smartphone will bear the brunt of your travel tech needs, so make sure it will last the whole day. In other words, bring a power bank. A USB charger will be great if you’re on a road trip, along with a car mount. Decide as well if you are getting a pocket Wi-Fi or buying a local data sim. By considering all of these, your trip will go smoother.

Have an Awesome Vacation!

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Make wonderful memories on your road trip. Go on a fun vacation that you will remember for years to come! To make sure that your trip goes smoothly, take full advantage of today’s technology. Make your life as a traveler more convenient. Then, you will have more time and energy to spend on what matters – having an adventure, meeting new friends, and making sure that your vacation is a blast!

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