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The Best Computer Speakers

best computer speakers for 2020

The speakers in your laptop or monitor don’t really offer exceptional sound. If you want to amplify your sound, you’re going to need a pair of external speakers. Here are the best computer speakers you can add to your setup, from Bluetooth speakers to budget options.

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse
(Image Source: Edifier)

The Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse speakers will be a unique addition to your home or office. These speakers have a retro-futurism look with their moon-shaped design and sleek finish. But there’s more to these speakers than aesthetics. They also pack quite a punch, delivering deep, accurate bass, and natural-sounding midrange sounds.

These speakers are easy to pair with any device, and you can play, pause, or skip with the touch-sensitive controls or the wireless remote.

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Mackie CR4BT

Mackie CR4BT 1
(Image Source: Amazon)

For content creators or audiophiles looking for studio-quality sound, these speakers from Mackie are worth considering. Unlike ordinary computer monitors, studio monitors are built for environments where accurate audio quality is important. So, if you are a blogger, podcaster, or YouTuber, the Mackie CR4BT will be a good addition to your setup. And while it’s not exactly dirt-cheap, you’ll be able to get a high-quality studio monitor at an affordable price.

The Mackie CR4BT is a Bluetooth-enabled model of Mackie’s Creative Line of multimedia monitors. You can easily pair your devices by pressing the button at the front of the right speaker.

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Razer Nommo Pro

Razer Nommo Pro
(Image Source: Amazon)

The Razer Nommo Pro is one of the best computer speakers you can get if you’re into gaming. This 2.1 speaker system gives you two speakers and a subwoofer for extra bass. This model is THX certified, which means that it passed rigorous standards for professional-quality sound. For example, the THX spatial audio feature lets you hear where voices or ambient sounds are coming from.

Other speakers use a one-press button to pair devices via Bluetooth. The Razer Nommo Pro does it a little differently. You can connect up to four audio sources simultaneously, then switch between different audio sources with a control pod.

Logitech G560 RGB Gaming Speakers

Logitech G560 Bluetooth Speaker
(Image Source: Amazon)

The Logitech G560 RGB Gaming Speakers are some of the best computer speakers you can get with Bluetooth capabilities. These Bluetooth speakers allow you to switch between a maximum of four devices. For instance, you can use your computer as the audio source then quickly switch to your phone by pushing a button on the back of the right speaker.

The G560 comes with features that make gaming an immersive experience. The Lightsync RGB feature enables the speakers to change colors based on your in-game environment and special effects.

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speaker System

Audioengine A2 Bluetooth Speaker: Best Computer Spakers with Bluetooth
(Image Source: Amazon)

Audioengine’s A2+ Wireless Speaker System delivers clear, accurate sound quality. Its compact size makes it a welcome addition for small rooms or apartments. This model is the follow-up to the fan-favorite A2+ desktop speakers released in 2013.

These speakers come with Bluetooth 5.0, the latest in Bluetooth technology. When paired with compatible devices, you can enjoy better sound quality and battery life, as well as stronger pairing at greater distances. As a result, you can connect to them up to 196 feet away, without any decrease in sound quality.

Logitech Speaker System Z313

Logitech Z313 1
(Image Source: Walmart)

The Logitech Speaker System Z313 is a 2.1 speaker system that gives you decent sound from a compact subwoofer. With only 25 watts of power, you get rich sound and deep bass that fills a room.

These plug-and-play speakers require little effort to install. Once set up, you can adjust the volume or turn the speakers on and off from a wired control pod.

Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers

Logitech S120 2.0: Best Computer Speakers for People on a Budget
(Image Source: Amazon)

The Logitech S120 is a set of slim, edgy speakers that work surprisingly well for their price. These speakers are made of durable plastic and deliver clear, crisp sound. They only require minimal power to work at 2.2 watts. Moreover, they have a lightweight build, weighing two pounds and measuring 11.5 x 20 x 7.2 inches. That makes them easy to carry around in case you want to take them with you.

You can easily access power and volume controls from the right speaker. You can also plug your headphones into the speakers, which is helpful if the headphone jack on your computer is difficult to reach.

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AmazonBasics USB-Powered PC Computer Speakers with Dynamic Sound 

Amazon Basics Speakers 1
(Image Source: Amazon)

If you’re looking for budget computer speakers, this pair from AmazonBasics is one of your best bets. These sturdy speakers are coated in black or silver metal finish that evokes a modern look.

With their plug-and-play setup, you just have to hook up these speakers to your computer’s USB port and headphone jack, no drivers needed. These USB-powered speakers also don’t consume too much electricity, only requiring 5 volts. The speakers are shaped like a trapezoid with radiators at the bottom that give off full and clear bass sounds. Blue LED lights also light up from the bottom, adding to their contemporary appeal.

Creative Pebble Modern 2.0 USB Desktop Speakers

Creative Pebble Modern best budget computer speakers
(Image Source: Amazon)

Big things come in small packages. This is especially true when it comes to the Creative Pebble 2.0 speakers. Each speaker is only 4.4 inches wide, but they can deliver rich, well-balanced audio that won’t get distorted at high volumes.

These speakers have far-field drivers that are positioned at a 45-degree angle. The company says this is the “sweet spot” for great audio. These speakers, with their orb-shaped design, won’t take up too much space beside your computer. PCMag UK named the Creative Pebble 2.0 as one of the best computer speakers in 2018, and it’s hard not to see why.

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 with Stereo Sound for Multiple Devices 

Logitech Z200 Speakers best budget computer speakers
(Image Source: Amazon)

For crisp, room-filling sound at an affordable price, look no further than the Logitech Z200 Multimedia speakers. With their multimedia capabilities, you can plug your phone or tablet into the audio input and the auxiliary line into your laptop. There’s also a headphone jack at the front right of the speaker.

There are control dials on the right speaker that let you adjust the volume and the bass. With their high reviews on Amazon, these are some of the best computer speakers you can buy now.

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