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The Best Smart Scales

The Best Smart Scales for 2019

If you think your bathroom scale is giving you inaccurate numbers, you might want to consider a smart scale. It will give you accurate weight readings and provide a myriad of other helpful data to help you stay fit and healthy.

When you combine a smart scale with your fitness tracker, you’ll get data that will help you manage your health better. The best smart scales also have mobile apps that are chock-full of useful workout tips, tracking features, and nutritional resources. Any modern home would feel incomplete without one of these useful gadgets.

Warning: Most of these smart scales should not be used by people who have a pacemaker. According to the American Heart Association, the electromagnetic waves generated by smart scales can cause pacemakers to stop working properly.   

Best Smart Scales with Top Features

Greater Goods WiFi Smart Body Composition Scale

smart weight scale
(Image Source: Amazon)

The Greater Goods WiFi Smart Body Composition Scale comes with a robust app that measures weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, water weight, and bone mass. It can auto-detect and accommodate up to eight different users. Your data is transferred and synced over WiFi, so there’s no need to have your phone with you when you weigh yourself.

Plus, a portion of every sale goes to a charitable cause. So basically, this smart home product doesn’t only help you, it also creates a positive impact on the world.

Innotech Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

innotech scale
(Image Source: Amazon)

The Innotech smart scale is about an inch bigger than the other products on this list, but that might be its only downside. Everything else about this bathroom scale is top-notch, from the design, to its long list of features.

The Innotech Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale comes with a useful app that is available for both Android and iOS users. It can sync to other fitness trackers, such as Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit as well. This scale can analyze nine essential physical measurements: weight, body fat, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, visceral fat, bone mass, and protein.

An ideal choice for families, the scale can store data for up to 10 users. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, but you’ll need to have your smartphone with you when you weigh yourself so that it can record your data accurately.

Runcobo WiFi Smart Scale

runcobo wifi scale
(Image Source: Amazon)

Do you need a scale that can store data for an unlimited number of users? Then the Runcobo WiFi Smart Scale is exactly what you need. Not only does it automatically detect a user’s profile once they step on the scale, it can also monitor 14 essential body composition metrics.

The Runcobo WiFi Smart Scale measures body weight, BMI, body fat, body type, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR, and metabolic age. Data is synced to the app via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Best Affordable Smart Scales

If you don’t want to spend more than $30 on a smart scale, here are some of your top options:

FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

(Image Source: Amazon)

This bathroom scale comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a friendly price tag. It has an app, but it can also be synced with Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit. With this scale in your bathroom, you will be able to measure your body weight, BMI, body fat, body water, skeletal muscle, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, basal metabolism, and body age.

This scale can have unlimited users, but it has a maximum weight limit of 396lbs.

Eufy Smart Scale C1

(Image Source: Amazon)

Priced at under $20, the Eufy Smart Scale C1 is one of the cheapest bathroom smart devices that you can get. Don’t let the friendly price tag fool you, though, this product is filled to the brim with cool features.

The Eufy Smart Scale C1 can measure 12 essential body metrics, including weight, body fat, BMI, body water, BMR, visceral fat, body fat mass, lean body mass, bone, bone mass, muscle mass, and muscle. You can monitor your health and weight loss via the app. Alternatively, you can also use Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit.

The scale can monitor up to 16 users.

Smart Scale for Fitbit Users

Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale 

(Image Source: Fitbit)

If you’re a Fitbit user, you should consider the Aria 2. Made specifically to sync and connect beautifully with the fitness tracker, this scale can measure your body weight, BMI, lean mass, and body fat percentage.

Combined with the Fitbit app, this scale will help you track your weight progress or create a food plan for better health management. You earn achievement badges, too!
The Aria 2 can automatically detect up to eight users.

Best Smart Scales for Pregnant Women

Smart scale manufacturers warn pregnant women to practice caution when using their products. This is especially true for scales that utilize bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to track your body composition metrics. The following scales, however, come with very helpful pregnancy modes. Consider one of the following smart scales if you or someone in your family is expecting.

Withings Body+ Smart WiFi Scale

pregnancy mode scale
(Image Source: Amazon)

The Withing Body+ Smart WiFi Scale is ideal for the whole family, from newborns to grandparents. It monitors weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. With its WiFi connectivity, it can sync your body composition data with Apple Watch, Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, and more than 100 other health and fitness apps.

If you want to lose weight, this scale will coach you and reward you for your efforts. It comes with nutrition tracking, too, so you’ll know if what you’ve been eating is good for you.

And, as a fun bonus, this scale provides daily local weather forecasts. This way, you can plan your outfit or physical activities accordingly.

A smart scale is just one of the devices that can make your home more connected. For other great ideas, check out our list of the best smart thermostats.

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