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The Best Smart Garden Products

The Best Smart Garden Devices for 2019

When you think of smart home tech, you probably don’t think of gardening. But connected devices are starting to leave the smart home and come outdoors. If you grow your own food, you’ll be excited to know about the best smart garden products available today.

Smart garden devices, much like smart home devices, typically come with connectivity and a companion app. The app helps you monitor your smart garden, so you’ll save money, time, and energy. The following smart garden products will take the guesswork out of growing healthy plants.

Best Smart Garden Planters

If you live in the city, or your backyard is too small to start a traditional garden, you can still have a green thumb. There are lots of planters on the market that are not only smart, they are also ideal for indoor gardening. Take a look a look at the following smart planters to get started on your indoor gardening journey.

AeroGarden Bounty WiFi 

aerogarden 2
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AeroGarden offers a wide range of products that make indoor gardening easy and efficient. The Bounty advanced hydroponic system allows you to grow up to 9 plants at the same time. The best part is, the plants grow in water, so you don’t need to deal with any soil.

It comes with a full season of nutrients and a gourmet seed kit with basil, parsley, thyme, dill, and mint. This is perfect for the budding chef who wants fresh ingredients all year.

Like other AeroGarden smart planters, the Bounty comes with an advanced LED grow light system that lets you grow plants up to 24-inches tall. It also comes with a mobile app that lets you control your indoor planter’s features.

The companion app can be set to turn the lights on and off automatically, so you can have optimal growing conditions. It will also send you alerts when you need to add water or nutrients. Plus, it has gardening tips and answers to common questions.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

clickgrow e1568001376712 1
(Image Source: Amazon)

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is another hydroponic system for growing plants indoors. It is a lot cheaper than the AeroGarden planter above, making it an ideal option for those who want to try smart gardening on a budget.

While this hydroponic system does not have a dedicated app, it does come with its own set of intelligent features. It’s a self-watering planter, complete with LED lights, a water tank, a built-in timer, and a water level indicator.

This Click and Grow planter has space for three plants, but the company has other models that can accommodate up to nine.

VegeBox Growing System 

vegebox e1568001333907
(Image Source: Amazon)

Another affordable hydroponic kit for indoor gardening is the VegeBox Growing System. Just like the previous smart planters, this one doesn’t require any soil. It has an LED lighting system that helps plants grow fast and healthy. The lighting comes with a timer that can be turned on or off automatically for optimal growing conditions.

Additionally, the VegeBox Growing System comes with a built-in water tank. You only need to refill it every two weeks, but rest assured that your plants will never go thirsty.

Green Hills Health Self-Watering Pot

greenhills 1
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If you would rather grow your plants in soil, this self-watering pot with LED lights is a great option. Also ideal for indoor gardening, this pot is perfect for growing herbs and flowers. One pot can accommodate three or more plants.

The Green Hills Health Self-Watering Pot comes with lights that have a set-and-forget timer. It will even alert you when you need to refill the water tank.

Smart Garden Irrigation 

From indoor gardening, we go to devices that can be used in traditional outdoor gardens. Specifically, irrigation systems that are connected, app-enabled, and water-efficient.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

smart sprinkler system
(Image Source: Amazon)

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller offers you complete control of your yard and garden watering with smart home connectivity and a dedicated app. With the app downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer, you can stay on top of lawn care, no matter where you are. You can use the app to set schedules and customize watering zones according to what you have planted. It also comes with weather intelligence that adapts watering timing and frequency according to local forecasts.

Got a smart home system? Manage your Rachio Smart Sprinkler Control better by connecting it to Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, or Samsung SmartThings. This sprinkler controller also works with IFTTT.

Orbit B-Hyve WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

orbit e1568001512598 1
(Image Source: Amazon)

Another Alexa-enabled sprinkler controller to consider is the B-Hyve WiFi system from Orbit. Affordable and easy to install, this device will make it easy to manage your sprinkler and keep your garden healthy.

The Orbit B-Hyve comes with an app that lets you set schedules and control the settings of your sprinklers remotely. It also has WeatherSense technology that can analyze the forecast and adjust your watering schedules accordingly.

Other Smart Garden Products 

Husqvarna Robotic Mower

husqvarna e1568001551460 1
(Image Source: Amazon)

Mowing the lawn used to be a labor-intensive affair. Step into the future with this app-enabled robotic mower by Husqvarna. It’s not budget-friendly, but it does come with a long list of features that will make mowing the lawn less of a chore.

The Husqvarna Robotic Mower comes with an app that lets you set schedules. It will run on its own and will return to its charging station if it runs out of juice. Don’t worry; it won’t cross the street to mow your neighbor’s lawn, as it is guided by boundary wires.

Northfifteen Plant Monitor 

Northfifteen Plant Monitor
(Image Source: Amazon)

If you already have a traditional garden, a smart plant monitor can help you care for it. This Northfifteen sensor, for example, will track how much water, light, and heat your plants are getting. It comes with an app that lets you monitor the progress of your plants, and it will give you suggestions about what your plants need to be happy and healthy.

While we still don’t have that many options when it comes to smart garden devices, some of the ones above are great places to start. And don’t forget, if you want to appreciate your plants and showcase their beauty, make sure that you have smart light bulbs installed too.

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