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10 Recommended Smartphone Apps for Vegetarians


In today’s digital era, there is an app for almost anything, so, of course, there are a wide range of smartphone apps for vegetarians. For anyone new to being a vegetarian, or for those who have been practicing for a long time, the use of an app offers great convenience, whether you’re looking to cook at home or go out on the town.

You can plan your meals, get recipe inspirations, and browse first-hand restaurant recommendations from real vegetarians, like yourself. These apps can be especially helpful when you are traveling or when you want to get additional recipe ideas.

Here are some great vegetarian apps for you:

1 – Vegan Yum Yum

Image Source: Would Be Neat This

This app was developed by the same blogger and cookbook author behind the blog, Vegan Yum Yum. It was designed to help vegetarians out there to find recipes to cook on a daily basis. You can save time trying to figure out what to get on your next grocery trip as well. You can even use the app as your digital grocery list, checking ingredients off as you put them into your shopping cart. 

Unfortunately, the app is currently only available in the UK iTunes store — sorry for the tease! But, if you’re on the U.S. side of the pond, you can still checkout the blog and keep an eye on the app to see if it crosses the Atlantic soon.

2 – Is It Vegan? (or Vegetarian)

There is a common misconception that vegetarianism and veganism are one and the same. However, there is a huge difference between the two. If you’re already vegan, you’re very familiar with these differences and, mostly likely, often frustrated by the process of scanning ingredients to determine if a meal fits your diet. If you’re transitioning into veganism, this will be especially challenging. That is where this app becomes helpful. It allows you to scan the barcode of items at the grocery and immediately tells you if that item is really, truly vegan.

3 – How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

This app is self-explanatory; it is a cooking guide for vegetarians. You’ll find all helpful resources to plan your daily meals. You will learn about ingredients, cooking techniques, equipment, and dishes for vegetarians. You can even browse recipes by category. The Menu is updated every few months, so you will have new ideas to choose from all the time. At only $9.99, this is a must-have smartphone app for vegetarians.

4 – Green Kitchen

This app is available for iOS smartphones only. It made the list of the best smartphone apps for vegetarians, as it offers up to 150 recipes. Each recipe also comes with documented steps (with photos for each step). As a bonus, there are estimated cooking times listed on each recipe. Knowing how long it takes to prepare each dish can be a huge factor when you’re hungry, or in a rush, and need to decide what to make.

5 – Whole Foods

Image Source: Application Magazine

This app is not intended solely for vegetarians – there are also recipes for vegans. The cool thing about this app is that you can narrow down your search for low sodium or gluten-free recipes. If you enjoy browsing the Whole Foods recipes on their website, this app will allow you to do so on-the-go.

6 – Protein Tracking

One of the main health concerns for vegetarians is whether they are getting enough protein in their diet. If you have the same concerns, this is the ideal app to use. Simply enter details about the dishes you have consumed over a given period of time. This app will provide a detailed analysis of your protein intake.

7 – Nommunity

This is another helpful app for vegetarians. To use this app, you must first turn on your location. It will then automatically provide you with a list of vegetarian restaurants within your area. You will also see a map pointing to these restaurants so you won’t have to search their addresses. In addition to the detailed map, you can get other information such as restaurant website, phone number, and menu (if available).

8 – HappyCow

Just like Nommunity, this is also a great app for finding vegetarian restaurants. However, it goes one step further as it also provides reviews and photos from actual customers. Deciding which restaurant to dine in based on the feedback from past customers becomes easy.

9 – BunnyFree

Image Source: PETA

Being a vegetarian is more than just about what you eat. Some vegetarians are also advocates of animal rights. If you are an advocate too, this app is a must. You can use it to search for cruelty-free makeup brands or products. It’ll be easier for you to support brands or companies that do not test on animals.

10 – Locavore

There are many local farmers’ markets that support vegetarianism. If you love to explore these local markets, this app can help you find them. Discover new farms in your area to find in-season and local produce. Essentially, it is your ticket to finding produce for your vegetarian diet.


There are more smartphone apps out there that are designed for vegetarians. The ones listed above are only some of the top rated apps available. Have fun exploring and trying out these applications to see what can best help you live your vegetarian lifestyle to the fullest.

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