Fortify Your Smartphone with a Phone Security App

phone security app

Your mobile device’s security goes beyond protecting it from malware and viruses. More often than not, you need to keep your phone safe from malicious hackers and theft. Just because you’ve got a great anti-virus app doesn’t automatically mean that your mobile phone is secure. To make sure that your smartphone is well defended from all sorts of threats, we recommending downloading a phone security app.

Best Android Security Apps

Best phone security app for privacy and malware threats

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Your Android device can be more secure having this free app in its arsenal. Not only does it detect and delete malware like Trojans and spyware, it also searches for PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

In addition, it monitors all apps accessing your data and find out what they’re sharing with third-parties (e.g. location-tracking programs). When you suspect that your privacy is breached, Malwarebytes then gives you the option to enable/disable permissions for specific apps.

Best for anti-theft and anti-virus measures

Avast! Mobile Security

Arguably the best free anti-virus app available to Android devices, Avast! impresses with a solid virus protection and a wide set of handy tools. This antivirus app comes with a Trojan removal tool, an app locker, a virus and malware scanner, a call blocker, and an app permission management tool. But that’s not what sets it apart from most mobile anti-virus applications.

What makes Avast! Mobile Security a cut above the rest is its outstanding anti-theft features. With this app, you can remotely lock or wipe out your device, control the phone via SMS, prevent USB debugging, and even force it to sound a siren. It sure packs a punch for something that costs you practically nothing!

Best for firewall protection

NoRoot Firewall

It sure is annoying how some apps eat off your monthly data allowance or use too much bandwidth right under your nose. In this case, you’ll greatly benefit by downloading NoRoot FirewallThis app creates a mock VPN (virtual private network) where it then directs your app’s traffic. In other words, it gives you control over when and how individual applications access the internet.

With this mobile firewall in place, you can easily keep apps from using valuable bandwidth as well as monitor those applications that are accessing ad data needlessly. Just another way to make your mobile web experience smoother and more economical.

Top Security Apps for iOS

Best for theft security

Best Phone Security Pro

At its core, Best Phone Security Pro protects your iPhone/iPad from unauthorized access. What sets it apart from the stock iOS passcode lock is its features that are designed to ward off potential theft.

When somebody attempts to enter the wrong passcode on your Apple device, the app sounds an alarm to scare off potential intruders. The alarm can be customized further so anyone nearby will know that the iPhone/iPad may be stolen.

What’s more, the app captures a photo of the person who incorrectly inputs the passcode. So let’s hope you’re not the type who forgets passcodes easily or it’ll be hilarious to see yourself getting caught red-handed by your own mobile phone.

Best for managing passwords


In terms of password management in the iOS, two names immediately come to mind: 1PasswordLock and mSecure. Typically, both have been extensively used for features like auto-fill, sync, groups, etc.

While 1PasswordLock is the more popular option of the two, mSecure has proven to be quite capable of going toe-to-toe with it. Not only does it bring impressive password security credentials, it can also generate highly secure passwords for you, too. Quite a handy tool when you’ve been using one password for all your accounts.

Best for tracking your iOS device

Find My iPhone & Lookout

Frankly, it’s a toss-up between these two reliable device trackers.  Although Apple’s stock GPS-tracking app (Find My iPhone) is still the best iPhone/iPad tracking software available, Lookout rivals it with some nifty add-on features. Either way, they’re both worthwhile downloads.

Using Find My iPhone, you can remotely track your iOS device’s movement and control it if necessary. By control, we mean triggering an alarm and erasing internal data. For tracking purposes, just log into your account on to find where your phone is.

As for Lookout, it works almost the same way as Find My iPhone. The only difference? The app actually saves the last-known location of your iOS device before it ran out of juice or got turned off. Plus, it can backup your contacts details in case you need them on-demand.

These are some of the best mobile apps your Android phone or iPhone can have to fortify its defenses. Some won’t cost you a dime and others will only take you back a few bucks. Whichever is the case, the most important thing is you can rest assured that they’ll help you keep any personal & sensitive info on your smartphone safe from prying eyes and cyber criminals.