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These 5 Simple Tips Will Keep Your TV Childproof

childproof tv

Leaving a child alone with the TV is a bad idea. Not only could television shows do detrimental effects to brain development, but the TV itself also could bring physical harm to the child. In fact, accidents involving falling televisions are on the rise. With these five simple tips, you can reduce the chances of TV-related accidents befalling to kids.

Hide the wires. AV cables and electrical cords are among things that children misconstrue as toys. Exposed wires could put children at risk of electrocution or strangulation.

Use a proper stand. Don’t place TVs on cabinets or dressers that have handles, shelves, or drawers that children can use to climb on—the kid’s weight might just be enough to topple both the furniture and TV. In contrast, stands made specifically for TVs are designed to be stable.

Avoid using cloth or felt pads. While useful for protecting surfaces from scratch marks, adding a cloth under the television will make it more likely to slide off.

Ensure the mounted TV is firmly fixed to the wall. If a mounted TV easily wobbles at the slightest touch, there’s probably a problem with its mounting installation. Make sure that the mount can carry the weight of the television and it’s properly attached to the wall.

Use anchoring systems. Anchoring mechanisms are cheaply available in home improvement stores. They keep both the stand and television attached to their place and prevent them from tipping over or slipping.

While there’s no real replacement for adult supervision (and that children should never be left unattended), there will be moments when children slip under their parents’ radar and their high-spirited nature causes disaster. That said, childproofing around the house should include the television. Securing this living room staple protects not only kids but also the investment made for the home entertainment.

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