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AI Technology Heats Up the Show at CES 2019


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the most significant technology event of the year. This year, it was held in Las Vegas and, as always, a lot of interesting technologies and devices were presented to get consumers excited. This year’s showcase exceeded expectations with plenty of smart technology, super-fast computers, and robots. But, the biggest theme throughout the show was Artificial Intelligence (AI). Discover how this technology is being utilized by different brands to transform the lives of consumers this 2019.

AI in CES 2019

Source: LG

CES 2019 presentations offered drool-worthy previews of the coolest gadgets and tech that consumers could be using very soon. Plenty of companies from all over the world, including China, attended the event to introduce AI-assisted devices. Some of these companies include Hisense and Sogou, which are two of the top electronics and tech companies from Asia. On top of these Chinese companies, global brands such as LG are also dipping their toes into AI technology.

AI was integrated in various creative ways by different companies, demonstrating a myriad of potential uses in daily life. It is exciting not just for consumers but also for its potential benefits to consumer gadget manufacturers, increasing efficiency and driving innovation. Here’s a rundown of some AI driven gadgets and devices revealed at the CES 2019 that could be real game changers.

AI-Assisted Tech Devices at CES 2019

As mentioned above, Hisense took part in CES 2019, introducing three new TV models that use quantum dot-technology. In addition, they unveiled the 254-cm TriChroma laser TV during media day.

All of these TV models showcased by Hisense feature artificial intelligence chips that promise to change your viewing experience.

According to Hisense executives, the AI-powered TV algorithms gather information about what you’re watching and then automatically optimize the television’s settings to enhance your viewing experience. For instance, when the TV’s AI identifies your program as a sporting event, it will automatically adjust the motion rate to give you the most high-def and realistic picture, so it looks like you’re actually in the stadium. Meanwhile, it will auto-adjust when you are watching television shows or movies, decreasing the frame rate so you get that cinematic feel. Each viewing experience is distinct and tailored to maximize your enjoyment of the content. It is not just the frame rate that is adjusted by the AI technology; color enhancements and more are also affected by the chip’s algorithms.

Source: LG

LG also joined the AI showcase at CES 2019, introducing its new product, Home Brew. This machine allows to easily brew your own beer at home. You insert capsules containing yeast, malt, hop oil, and other flavorings into the device, then the machine does the rest of the work. The beer can be ready within two weeks.

In addition to their beer-crafting device, LG also presented their new paper-thin OLED TV at CES 2019. But that is not all from LG at CES 2019. They were one of the few to launch a 5G mobile platform this year. 5G is expected to take communication and production capabilities to the next level throughout the manufacturing industry.

Another standout brand at CES 2019 was Sogou. Known as an innovator in China, Sogou brings leading AI technologies and products to an international market. Notable at CES 2019 was their presentations on intuitive Q&A, image recognition, and speech recognition capabilities to the industry. They focused on machine learning and natural language processing in their utilization of AI technology. With these foundational technologies, their goal is to introduce a slew of new products and devices that aim to solve real-world problems.

Among Sogou’s most prized products are smart translation devices. Using AI technology, they believe that these devices are going to help users tackle the language barrier more efficiently across multiple languages. Meanwhile, their devices that utilize facial transfer technologies will have significant applications in the field of healthcare, education, news, and entertainment. Indeed, by pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, Sogou believes their language-centric AI products will actually facilitate increased future research and development in the field. 

Sogou is not the only company that made its debut at CES 2019. P&G is another example. As one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturers, they are tapping into AI to bring real-world applications to that industry. For instance, they showcased a toothbrush powered by AI. They also have a wand-like device that can analyze your skin and release a serum that addresses any detected skin issues. Finally, John Deere joins in on the AI revolution by introducing tractors and harvesters that are aided by AI.

What problems or inefficiencies in your daily work and personal life do you wish could be solved through AI automation? If you can imagine it, it may just happen at CES 2020!

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